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From tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, advice on which vitamins and supplements to take - we've got you covered.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness, and to support you in your journey towards feeling and living better.

Electrolyte Drinks Guide: Benefits & How to Use

Electrolytes are vital minerals you need for hydration & energy. See the benefits, how to avoid imbalance, & how to replenish levels now.

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The Best Forms of Magnesium to Supplement

Magnesium exists in different forms. Explore benefits, which is best to supplement, & how to avoid deficiency now.

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BetterYou Magnesium Water: Everything you need to know about our latest product innovation

If you’re looking for a refreshingly easy way to increase your magnesium levels, then our...

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The Best Vitamin D Supplements

See the best supplements to support your vitamin D intake & avoid deficiency. Learn why oral sprays are best for vegans, adults, & kids now.

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How Long Does It Take to Raise Vitamin D Levels?

Rectifying low levels of vitamin D can take just days with the help of oral spray supplements. See how to avoid deficiency now.

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How Much Vitamin D Per Day

Adults & children need 10µg a day to support bone & immune health. Find out why you may not get enough in the UK, & how to test levels now.

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Vitamin B12: Normal Levels By Age

Your recommended dosage of vitamin B12 can vary by age. See how much you need per day to gain its benefits & avoid vitamin B12 deficiency now.

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Vitamin B12 Tablets vs Sprays: What’s the Difference?

See how effective tablets vs sprays are for providing essential vitamin B12 to support natural immunity & energy levels. Find out which you need now.

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The Best Vitamin B12 Supplements

See the best supplements to support your B12 intake. Find the best for vegans, vegetarians, kids, & more now. Ensure adequate levels today!

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Food Sources of Vitamin B12

Food sources of vitamin B12 help you obtain the recommended amount of this vital nutrient. We...

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How to Get Vitamin B12 As A Vegan

Vitamin B12 isn’t typically found in plant-based food sources, which means vegans are at risk of low levels. See how vegans can get B12 now.

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The Crucial Role of At-Home Blood Tests in Identifying Vitamin B12 Deficiency

NICE guidelines highlight the crucial nature of testing for B12 deficiency. See how B12 tests work & how to complete yours at home in 5 steps now.

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