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The Health Hub

News and views from the experts

The Health Hub

News and views from the experts

Welcome to the Health Hub

Here you’ll find articles, case studies and opinion-pieces from our team of expert advisers and our wider network of guest contributor and brand ambassadors.

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Case studies

Read stories from people benefitting from supplementation.

Adventurer discovers a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to magnesium

Adventurer Jason Rawles left the rat-race thinking sleepless nights would be a thing of the past, but due to low magnesium levels he found it harder than ever to get a good nights rest.

B12 spray ‘transforms’ life of TV Psychologist

Life in the media spotlight is a hectic one as TV’s Emma Kenny knows only too well. Luckily BetterYou’s Boost B12 Oral Spray offered a solution.

Articles from our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are professional sportspeople and health & wellbeing experts

7 tips for choosing a quality supplement

With so many supplements on the market, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the right one for you. See Nutritionist, Sally Wisbey’s tips on what to look for when choosing a quality supplement.

Could you be at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency?

Nutritional Therapist, Naomi Mead explains why this vitamin is vitally important to good health and those who are most at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.