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Health Hub

From tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, advice on which vitamins and supplements to take - we've got you covered.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness, and to support you in your journey towards feeling and living better.

A Guide to Periods & Iron Supplements

Iron supplements are important to avoid low levels which can come from your period. See how periods affect iron & if you are at risk now.

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10 PMS Symptoms & Supplements to Ease Them

Premenstrual syndrome causes symptoms before a period - from back ache to mood swings. See the common signs & which supplements can soothe them now.

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Vitamin C: The Secret to Brighter, Younger Skin

As seen on TV! Beauty expert Nadine Baggott talks about her favourite vitamin C products and why she loves our Vitamin C Oral Spray.

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8 Best Supplements to Take During Menopause

The best supplements for menopause are those which support your health by providing the essential nutrients...

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Why You Should Take Magnesium for Menopause

Supplementing magnesium for menopause could help to soothe your symptoms. During the menopause, the body goes...

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Menopause Symptoms: A Guide

Menopause symptoms can affect women and people who are experiencing this transitional period, and each may...

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The BetterYou Guide to the Menstrual Cycle

The Menstrual Cycle is something that affects over a billion people across the world each month....

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BetterYou in Conversation with Jackie Lynch | Menopause and Nutrition

The menopause is a time of transition, as the balance of hormones in the body start...

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for a health and wellbeing enthusiast? Whether they are a fitness fanatic, or just need a little more relaxation in their life, we have the perfect gift.

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BetterYou founder speaks to Liz Earle MBE about how to support winter health

Watch BetterYou founder, Andrew Thomas speak to Liz Earle on her Lunchtime Live to discuss the nutrients that can aid your body through winter.

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Vitamin D Levels

Optimum vitamin d levels support bone health, the immune system and muscle health. Understand your levels and how to maintain them for optimal health.

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Sources of Vitamin D

Sources of vitamin D vary, with some being better than others. It is important to know where we gain the “sunshine vitamin” in order to obtain the dosage your body needs.

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