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New Kids' Supplement Range in Partnership with Roald Dahl

A new chapter in kids' vitamins has arrived!

We have teamed up with the Roald Dahl Story Company to bring you a unique range of children's vitamin and mineral supplements to support children's health, wellbeing and sleep.

The fantastical range features characters from the beloved Roald Dahl stories to make taking their daily vitamins and minerals extra easy, with fuss-free oral sprays and relaxing topical magnesium.

The range includes three nutritional oral sprays for Immune Health, Vitamin D+K2 to support bone development and a Multivitamin, containing 14 essential vitamins and minerals. These daily oral sprays come in three scrumdiddlyumptious flavours including blueberry bubblegum; chocolate and marshmallow; and raspberry, grape and orange. All flavours are naturally sourced and are sugar free, tooth-kind formulations.

Our Magnesium Sleep Kids' range will help your energetic snapperwhippers get a more restful night's sleep with a marvellous mixture of magnesium chloride and natural lavender and chamomile, helping relax tired bodies in preparation for bedtime. Choose from a soothing body lotion, relaxing body spray or for extra bath time fun, the kids’ bath flakes contain added whizz-popping candy!

The range has been specially formulated for children aged one to 12 years and all products are certified vegetarian, palm oil free with planet-friendly packaging.

Explore the Roald Dahl Supplements Range.

Roald Dahl Supplements Range

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