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Product Guides

Discover everything you need to know about BetterYou supplements with our Product Guides. Learn the benefits, sources, and recommended nutritional levels of essential vitamins and minerals, and know how to stay on top of your levels to help you feel and live better.

Sources of Vitamin D

Sources of vitamin D vary, with some being better than others. It is important to know where we gain the “sunshine vitamin” in order to obtain the dosage your body needs.

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Vitamin D Levels

Optimum vitamin d levels support bone health, the immune system and muscle health. Understand your levels and how to maintain them for optimal health.

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Signs of Low & High Magnesium Levels & How to Remedy

Magnesium is responsible for 325 chemical reactions in your body and having low levels can cause health issues, from trouble sleeping, to a decreased appetite.

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Essential Vitamin & Mineral Benefits For Your Health

Vitamins and minerals benefit your health by contributing to key, everyday functions in the body. Learn more about these essential nutrients in our expert guide.

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