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Product Guides

Discover everything you need to know about BetterYou supplements with our Product Guides. Learn the benefits, sources, and recommended nutritional levels of essential vitamins and minerals, and know how to stay on top of your levels to help you feel and live better.

The Crucial Role of At-Home Blood Tests in Identifying Vitamin B12 Deficiency

NICE guidelines highlight the crucial nature of testing for B12 deficiency. See how B12 tests work & how to complete yours at home in 5 steps now.

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How Much Vitamin B12 Per Day

The recommended daily B12 intake is 1.5µg a day for adults aged 19 - 64. See why you should supplement to obtain recommended dosage now.

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5 Essential Ways Vitamin B12 Benefits Your Health

Vitamin B12 is essential for your energy, mood, & immune system. See the health benefits & how much you need to avoid deficiency now.

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Sources of Vitamin D

Sources of vitamin D vary, with some being better than others. It is important to know where we gain the “sunshine vitamin” in order to obtain the dosage your body needs.

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