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BetterYou in Conversation with Jackie Lynch | Menopause and Nutrition

The menopause is a time of transition, as the balance of hormones in the body start to change. An individual’s nutritional requirements will naturally alter too, and there are certain nutrients that will support health during this important life stage.

BetterYou Founder, Andrew Thomas speaks to, Jackie Lynch, a BANT registered nutritionist who specialises in menopause and women’s health about how diet and nutrition can support menopausal health.

Listen to or watch the full discussion below.



About Jackie Lynch

Jackie runs the Well Well Well clinic, working with women in midlife to support their health with personalised nutrition advice.

She has authored several books about nutrition, her most recent being The Happy Menopause, and hosts a podcast of the same name, providing nutrition and lifestyle insight for midlife women.

You can find out more about Jackie via her website www.well-well-well.co.uk

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