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Energy Supplements

Energy supplements can help give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to combat tiredness. Our natural energy supplements are delivered through oral sprays, making it simple to get the nutrients you need to take on the day.

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Iron 10 Oral Spray

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Iron Oral Spray

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Taking natural energy supplements is an easy way to make sure you have the correct levels of each of these important nutrients. Together they naturally help to reduce tiredness and boost your energy levels.

How Energy Supplements Work

Our energy supplements are delivered through our pioneering oral sprays. These allow the vitamins for energy to be absorbed through the cheek into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system allows for rapid uptake of these nutrients. As iron supplements can often be harsh on the stomach, this method of intake for our natural energy supplements means you can avoid any discomfort.

Increasing energy naturally is the best way to ensure longevity in how you feel. Our energy supplements are caffeine and sugar free, meaning you won’t experience the crash that so often comes with these short term energy sources. Instead, our supplements focus on building and maintaining your energy levels over time. For those with dietary needs, we have vegan supplements ideal for boosting your energy.

What Makes BetterYou Special?

We pioneered vitamin oral sprays, bypassing the digestive system for efficient nutrient uptake. Our oral sprays are an easy and fun way to get the vitamins you need. With multivitamins and children’s vitamins, the whole family can take our supplements. We also specialise in transdermal magnesium supplements, with lotions and bath flakes perfect for increasing your magnesium levels.