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Sports Performance

Your sports performance is about more than just your training. Learn how essential vitamins and minerals can support your workouts, and sports performance. From nutrients to aid recovery, avoid injury, and case studies from real athletes. See how to support your movement with our Sports Performance Hub.

5 Fitness Tips for Better Results, Better Recovery

Want to improve your exercise recovery and results? Follow these five tips from a fitness expert on how to aid muscle recovery to see better results in your next workout.

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How Magnesium Can Soothe Muscle Tension

Magnesium plays an important part in relaxing muscles and relieving tension and stiffness. Find out how.

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Get the most out of your workout with energy-boosting nutrients

Too tired to workout? Personal trainer, Dilan Patel tells us the top energy boosting nutrients and how to get them.

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Case Study: Natural Supplementation Halves Recovery Time after Shoulder Surgery for Adventurer

Taking natural supplements after a second shoulder surgery helped travel writer Paul Hart halve his recovery time.

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