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8 Tips on How to Get Energy Naturally

When we’re feeling tired and fatigued we often wonder how to get energy naturally, rather than reaching for the caffeine. Being drained of energy can leave us feeling depleted and unmotivated, so it’s important to tackle these feelings. Our expert guide talks you through how to increase your energy levels naturally.

Table of Contents:

What Does it Mean to Get Energy Naturally?

Increasing your energy levels naturally means you focus on natural sources. This is instead of reaching for the short term boosts from caffeine or sugar, such as with energy drinks. Boosting natural energy levels can be done by focusing on a number of goals and activities. There are a wealth of opportunities to put the spring back in your step. From eating a healthy and balanced diet, supported by energy supplements, to limiting your stress and focusing on your mindset. Whilst there are lots of myths surrounding energy, the main principle when discovering how to get energy naturally is to live a well-balanced life.

Getting Energy Naturally from Your Diet

Improving energy naturally begins with a well-balanced diet. Food is what fuels our energy levels and we can influence how we feel by being mindful of what we eat. Whilst many detox diets are labelled energy-boosting, these low-calorie plans can actually leave us feeling depleted. Focusing on filling ourselves with nutritious foods, supported by food supplements, is how we can boost energy naturally. Opting for a meal plan that is high in protein, accompanied by lots of fruit and veg can help us wave goodbye to long-term fatigue.

boost energy by eating a balanced diet

Nutritious food is packed with different vitamins and types of minerals that we may not even be aware we are consuming. Yet these contribute to us feeling bright and ready to take on the day.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B12 is found in red meat, fish, and eggs. B12 benefits a normal energy metabolism and helps to reduce tiredness. If you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet, you may find you are lacking in these energy boosting types of vitamins. For those concerned about their B12 levels, you can identify the signs of vitamin B deficiency, and see if you need to increase your intake. If you find you do have low levels, taking vitamin B supplements could be a solution on how to boost energy naturally.

Vitamin C

It is well known that fruit and vegetables offer a whole host of vitamins, including Vitamin C. Vitamin C benefits your immune system, fights off common illnesses, and boosts your energy levels. To ensure you are receiving enough of this infamous nutrient, you could try taking a daily vitamin C supplement. Try a multivitamin that contains this nutrient, along with a wealth of other vitamins, as a natural way to boost energy. When we are deficient in vitamin C, we may find our immune response does not work as effectively.

Natural Energy & Exercise

Keeping our bodies at their healthiest is a major factor in how to boost energy naturally and taking part in regular exercise is essential to this. Exercise increases your oxygen circulation. Oxygen, in turn, helps your cells make energy. Not only that, but your physical output can help you get a better night’s rest. You can help to boost your energy levels with sports supplements alongside staying active. This could be as simple as taking a daily walk around your neighbourhood, or for those who adore reaching new peaks it could be doing your reps in the gym.


When taking part in exercise our muscles need more oxygen, and red blood cells are a vital part of moving this element around the body. Iron is used by the body to create red blood cells, and so if we are lacking in iron we may find our muscles become fatigued very quickly during exercise. Iron supplements can be an effective solution.

Lifestyle is often the cause of iron deficiency, and you may need to increase your intake to naturally boost energy levels. This mineral is often found in red meat, therefore meat-free diets could lead to a lack, so it is one of the supplements vegetarians and vegans should take to bridge this gap. Vegan supplements and vegetarian supplements containing iron could be a natural way to boost energy.

getting energy naturally to fight fatigue


Those who partake in sport and athletics frequently may find that they want to recover their muscles. Magnesium helps to relax muscles after a hard workout, as well as aiding in recovery. Magnesium supplements are a great way to up your magnesium levels. Using magnesium bath salts, or a lotion can help in getting energy naturally by reducing your tiredness and fatigue. The mineral does this by contributing to making protein, improving oxygen circulation, and regulating melatonin which acts as a natural sleep aid.

For those looking for how to get energy naturally for workouts, incorporating energy supplements into your daily routine could help you feel prepared for a tough gym session ahead. If you’re a professional athlete, you can find approved informed sport supplements to help support your exercise.

How Sunshine Can Help You Get Energy Naturally

Everyone loves a sunny day, and even more so because of its positive effect on our bodies. Sunshine helps to boost the “feel-good” hormone, serotonin, which can help you to feel more calm and positive. Not only this, but our bodies need sun in order to make the essential nutrient, vitamin D.

Vitamin D

Our bodies produce vitamin D when we are exposed to sunshine. Vitamin D benefits numerous important functions, including supporting the immune system and normal muscle function. Keeping our immune system as healthy as possible can help us fight off the fatigue often caused by common colds. If you find your lifestyle doesn’t allow for lots of time spent outdoors, you can use vitamin D supplements to bridge the gap and ways to boost energy naturally.

how to improve energy levels naturally

How Quality Sleep Improves Energy Naturally

Resting is what allows us to recuperate our energy levels. Sleep is important for your overall health, and having restless nights can be detrimental to your mood. Therefore, ensuring you sleep peacefully through the night is essential. If you find you are struggling with resting at night, a sleep supplement could help you drift off peacefully. From not looking at our phones an hour before bed to reduce the impact of blue light, taking natural sleep aids, to eating for a better night’s sleep, there’s lots of steps you can take. Once you’re well rested you should feel like you’ve got a boost of natural energy.

How to Get Energy Naturally When Pregnant

Those who are pregnant may find themselves more fatigued, after all, you are growing another human being! However, there are a multitude of ways to get energy naturally to fight pregnancy fatigue. You may suffer from the signs of low iron during this time, taking a pregnancy supplement can ensure you receive the minerals and vitamins you need. The primary piece of advice is to eat a healthy diet. Slow release carbs, such as oats, and protein rich snacks, like nuts, can help you feel more perky throughout your pregnancy. Once your little one is with you, you can find breastfeeding supplements to help support you during this time, and children’s vitamins for when they’re starting to grow!

Reduce Stress to Increase Energy

Stress can have a negative impact on our bodies and can leave us feeling very depleted of energy. Reducing your stress levels is a simple way you can boost energy naturally. From switching off completely from work at the end of the day, to giving yourself some “me time” to pamper yourself, there are many ways to lessen your everyday stress and increase your energy. For those looking to relax from a stressful day, use a magnesium lotion before heading to bed. This will help your muscles relax, and help to alleviate the physical signs of stress, encouraging you to feel a natural energy boost.

Keep Hydrated to Keep Naturally Energetic

Keeping hydrated is essential for feeling good within our bodies. Being dehydrated can often cause us to feel lethargic and tired, so drinking the recommended amount of water per day is a must for fighting this feeling.

How to Get Energy Naturally with BetterYou

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