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Lack of Energy Causes & Natural Treatments

Lacking energy can have a domino effect on our daily lives. It can make us feel unmotivated, tired and often overwhelmed by the smallest of tasks. Pinpointing the cause of your lack in energy can help to provide answers to make you feel yourself again. We are on hand to guide you through the possible causes and provide easy solutions you can introduce into your day to day life. It is easy to feel energised once you know how!

Table of Contents:

What’s the Difference Between Tiredness and Fatigue?

Drained and lacking energy can often be categorised as one of two things: tiredness or fatigue. Understanding the difference between the two can help you to debunk the energy myths and discover the right solution, allowing you to soon feel energised once again. The difference between these two diagnostics are:

Tiredness - Tiredness is something that we all experience. A lack of energy can be experienced after any form of physical activity, or at the end of the day. The best course of action to stop your lack of energy is to include energy supplements in your routine or endure a good night's sleep. Once you have experienced a quality night's sleep, your body and muscles will be rested and reset, allowing you to take on the day.

Fatigue - Fatigue is when you have a daily lack of energy. This can be seen in the form of unusual or excessive whole-body tiredness. The crucial difference between tiredness and fatigue is that fatigue will not be resolved with sleep or natural sleep supplements. This serious lack of energy can disrupt the functioning of a person’s day to day life. Ranging from acute to chronic, fatigue can last anywhere from less than a month to more than six. The time span can vary but the effects can hinder an individual's quality of life.

lack of energy can be caused by both medical conditions and lifestyle habits

5 Medical Reasons Why You May Be Feeling Tired

Tired of feeling tired all the time? A lack of energy may be caused by an underlying health condition, which could be treated once made aware of. The following five conditions are normally highlighted in association with tiredness and lack of energy:

  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Coeliac Disease
  • Anaemia
  • Under-active Thyroid

Vitamin deficiency can be a broad spectrum. If you feel a lack of energy, you may be deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 or Iron. Checking your levels regularly, by using an at-home testing kit, could ensure you are receiving the correct dosage to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. If you believe you have any of these conditions, seek medical advice to receive the correct medication.

5 Lifestyle Reasons Why You May Lack Energy

Your lack of energy may be caused by elements in your current lifestyle. Adapting your existing routine can have a positive effect on your lack of energy, as you can start to feel energised again. Five areas to consider include:

Lack of High Quality Sleep

People can do strange things when they are deprived of quality sleep. A lack of energy can often be solved by receiving a substantial amount of sleep because you can wake up and feel refreshed and alert. But one good night’s rest may not be enough. Experiencing a regular sleep routine can also help to prevent future tiredness. You may wish to take natural sleep supplements to help gain quality sleep more effectively. Magnesium has been shown to help sleep by relaxing the muscles and ensuring the receptors in our brain and nervous system are working efficiently. Transdermal magnesium is easy to apply, and can even be used to help create the perfect sleep routine for both adults and children.

a lack of energy can often be solved by quality sleep

Consuming Too Many Refined Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be a quick source of energy, but when too many are consumed it can have the opposite effect. Resulting in a lack of energy and feeling tired throughout the day instead. This happens because your body breaks down the carbs and turns them into sugar. The sugar can then cause a rapid rise to your blood sugar, which will subsequently fall quite quickly. Causing you to feel exhausted. Turning towards the five superfoods instead can help to reduce these infrequent spikes to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

Low Hydration Levels

Hydration is key to ensuring you don’t feel a lack of energy. Everyday your body loses water through breathing, sweat and urination, that needs to be replaced. Dehydration can occur when this water is not replaced, which leads to the feeling of tiredness. Normal signs of dehydration include: thirst, headaches or dizziness. Ensuring you drink enough fluids can help to fuel your energy levels.

Relying on Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can be a quick fix when you are feeling a lack of energy. Often containing high quantities of caffeine and sugar, people reach for them to satisfy their cravings but don’t realise the detrimental crash once these effects have worn off. Those who often rely on energy drinks may experience sleepiness the following day. This can start a cycle of depending on these beverages to stop the lack of energy feeling. Reducing your intake of energy drinks and over all caffeine, especially in the afternoons can help improve your quality of sleep. This effectively will benefit your lack of energy, making you feel more alert and refreshed.

High Levels of Stress

When you have high stress in your life, it can affect your energy levels, making you feel tired or fatigued. Being aware of your stress and understanding how to combat stress in general could help to improve your overall wellbeing. One good way to help reduce stress is by incorporating magnesium supplements into your daily routine. Magnesium can aid in mental wellbeing as it helps to relax muscles. When relaxed you are more likely to ensure quality sleep, which can increase your energy levels.

How to Gain Energy Naturally

Lack of energy can be caused by numerous factors in our day to day lives. These factors can often result in feeling tired, lethargic or deflated. When trying to increase your energy levels naturally, it is important to seek medical advice or rule out any underlying health conditions. With our easy to use, pill-free formulas, you can naturally boost your energy levels. From vegan supplements and vegetarian supplements to gluten free supplements. We have a range to suit your lifestyle so you can say goodbye to the lack of energy feeling!

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