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The Better Planet Project
The Better Planet Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we aim to become a carbon-neutral organisation by the end of 2022.

- Andrew Thomas Founder and Managing Director of BetterYou
Plastic solutions to plastic pollution

Our commitment to a more sustainable approach to plastic packaging begins with the transformation of our entire product range to ocean recycled or plant-based plastic – all 100% recyclable

Ocean Waste Plastic
Ocean Waste Plastic

We have worked closely with our partners to produce the most advanced ocean waste collection and recycling technology to produce the highest quality medical packaging.

Plant Based Plastic
Plant-based plastic

We’re looking to the future of sustainable plastic production, utilising a method that produces a carbon-negative plastic—meaning we can actually remove harmful CO2 from the planet’s atmosphere.

13.66 tonnes
The amount of plastic you will help us remove from the world’s oceans in 2020

25.3 tonnes
The amount of CO2 you’ll help us remove from the planet’s atmosphere in 2020

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FSC Paper and Card
FSC Paper and Card

Every piece of paper or card that is produced and used by BetterYou is 100% guaranteed sustainable or from recycled stock – across every aspect of our business.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) mark is your guarantee that the paper you are holding comes from responsibly managed forests. FSC certified forest operations must meet demanding environmental, social and economic requirements, as confirmed by an independent inspection, such as the Soil Association. The FSC mark is your guarantee that paper comes from responsibly managed forests.

This is what makes the FSC system unique and ensures that forests are well-managed from the protection of indigenous people’s rights to the methods of felling trees. Only forests that meet these strict standards are given FSC certification and BetterYou only utilises paper and card allowed to carry the FSC label.

Palm-oil derivative free
Palm-oil derivative free

As a brand we have always been against the use of palm-oil in our products due to the destructive nature of its harvesting, its contribution to climate change and habitat destruction—and can proudly say that we have always been palm oil free.

However, due to the extensive uses of palm, it is found in almost all cosmetic ingredients, with around 60% of the palm oil consumed globally in the form of derivatives which do not need to be declared within ingredient listings, making it incredibly difficult for customers to make informed purchasing decisions, based on their beliefs.

Unhappy with this outlook, we have been working hard to reformulate our entire range, removing any palm-oil derivatives from our products, a project that has taken us over a year to complete, using the latest developments in cosmetic chemistry, to achieve our goal of being 100% palm-oil & palm-oil derivative free across our entire range by mid-2020.

We are proud to assure you that we are working to make our entire range of products not only palm-oil free but 100% palm-oil derivative free. To acknowledge this achievement, we have been awarded the international certificate for palm-oil free products*.

*Please check specific product pages to identify if the product is palm-oil derivative free.