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Case Study: Natural Supplementation Halves Recovery Time after Shoulder Surgery for Adventurer

Paul Hart, 54 who is best known for his adventure travel writing for the Telegraph newspaper, suffered a double shoulder injury when he fell down a hatchway on a ship while at sea.

Adventurer's Recovery from Injured Shoulder

Both shoulders needed repairing before he could resume leadership activities which have led him across the globe, from the Polar Regions to the Himalayas, and from Alaska to the Jungle.

Paul’s first shoulder operation, which involved both the shoulder reconstruction of supraspinatus and bicep tendons as well as decompression, took place in April 2017 with recovery and recuperation taking six months.

“Surgery affects every aspect of my normal functioning and prevents all of my outdoor activities from taking place”

Paul’s second shoulder surgery took place in February 2018 with him experiencing an unusually advanced recovery with him being medically discharged in just 3 months.

Recovery from such a major operation usually takes nine to 12 months however Paul has been able to perform to the standard of bearing weight on the shoulder, including pull ups and press ups, within an extremely short rehabilitation time.

Supplements to Aid Recovery

Health supplements have been an element of Paul’s nutrition plan for some years now with him enhancing recovery for both shoulders by increasing supplement usage from the time of the first shoulder surgery.

“I first started using supplements from BetterYou after being referred by nutritionist Emily Whitehead. She has a strong relationship with the brand and believed that the supplements would be beneficial for my active lifestyle”

While using the Turmeric Oral Spray every day Paul also applies the Magnesium Oil spray on to major muscle groups each day when training, altering this to the areas operated on during rehabilitation.

“I like that I can take vitamins and minerals conveniently. Supplementing magnesium has made a real difference during the rehabilitation process by reducing muscle strain and fatigue, and the Turmeric Oral Spray has also been instrumental to my recovery.

“When I was feeling somewhat damaged I would bathe in the Magnesium Flakes and take an extra dose of the Turmeric Oral Spray.”

Post-surgery Paul is now planning his next incredible expedition with plans to man-haul down the entire length of the Antarctic Peninsula in the austral summer of 2020/2021 for scientific activities looking into climate change.

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