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Stress Awareness: 5 Ways to Combat Stress

85% of UK adults experience stress regularly, with over half of these worrying about the impact this has on their health according to a recent study.

There are many pressures on modern living with money, work, health concerns and failure to get enough sleep being named as some of the most common causes of stress.

That's why we've compiled our top five tips to help you combat stress that you can easily do today.

5 Ways to Combat Stress

1. Exercise

Getting moving can decrease stress hormones like cortisol, and increase your body's ‘feel-good’ chemicals known as endorphins, giving your mood a natural boost.

2. Have a brew

A cup of tea can help reduce stress, say scientists from City University London. They found that tea-making reduces stress levels by up to a quarter. As well as the soothing qualities of the tea itself, the study found that the act of putting the kettle on also helped by tapping into a collective conscious and symbolism.

3. Maximise your magnesium intake

When you have low magnesium levels, the point at which your adrenal glands produce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol is also lower. This means even small stresses, can trigger a huge reaction, flooding your nervous system with hormones and further depleting your magnesium levels. Studies have shown that supplementing magnesium transdermally (through the skin) is an effective way to absorb this mineral.

4. Listen to music

When dealing with stress, the right music can lower your ​​​blood pressure, relax your body and calm your mind.

5. Meditate

During meditation, your brain enters an area of functioning that’s like sleep. Meditation enables you to build greater resilience toward stress over time. There are plenty of calm meditation apps out there to help you deal with anxiety and stress in your day-to-day life.

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