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Product Guides

Discover everything you need to know about BetterYou supplements with our Product Guides. Learn the benefits, sources, and recommended nutritional levels of essential vitamins and minerals, and know how to stay on top of your levels to help you feel and live better.

What Vitamin D & K2 Dosage Should You Take?

Vitamin D & K2 work together to support healthy bones, but how much do you need? Find out the recommended dosages for these important vitamins.

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Chromium Supplements: Benefits, Dosages, & Sources

Chromium can help control blood sugar levels and support the body’s use of energy. Discover the benefits and how to ensure sufficient intake.

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Glucosamine: Benefits, Dosages, & Side Effects

Glucosamine is a natural amino acid that can help support healthy joints. Discover its other health benefits and how to ensure you're getting enough.

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Types of Minerals: Benefits, Deficiencies, & Sources

Each type of mineral offers different benefits for your health and supports your body to function...

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