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Magnesium Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your health, you need to be as informed as possible. Before taking supplements, read BetterYou FAQs to ensure you have everything you need to know. Here are some frequently asked questions about magnesium supplements.

Is Magnesium Safe to Take Orally? 

Our magnesium supplements have been developed to be applied directly to the skin, so we do not recommend taking them orally. The ease of application is one of the advantages of supporting magnesium intake. With pill-free formulation, you can apply supplements to your skin, as part of your daily routine.

What are the Benefits of Taking Magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral your body needs to support important processes. The benefits of magnesium include:

  • Helping you sleep
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Promoting exercise recovery
  • Maintaining heart health
  • Improving mood
  • Easy to supplement

What are the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency?

When your mineral levels are too low, it can cause side effects which are detrimental to your health. The signs of magnesium deficiency include:

  • Poor sleep
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Heart palpitations 

What Is the Difference Between the Five Magnesium Body Sprays?

Magnesium sprays are designed to easily apply to your skin. Sprays are a proven method of delivering a high dose of absorbable elemental magnesium through the skin to replenish magnesium levels. These are the different magnesium body sprays and how to use them:

Our Magnesium Oil Body Spray is our strongest and purest magnesium spray. This spray is purely magnesium chloride. This spray is designed to help raise magnesium levels quickly for overall health and wellbeing.

Our Magnesium Sensitive Body Spray is also a pure form of magnesium chloride but at a lower concentration for those with sensitive skin, or for children.

The Muscle, Joint and Sleep Body Sprays have been combined with essential oils to help enhance the natural benefits of magnesium and aid these specific concerns.

Can I Overdose on Transdermal Magnesium?

You do not need to worry about overdosing when using transdermal magnesium. Upper limits for magnesium dosage are only set when using the product orally, as large doses can have a laxative effect due to it being a natural relaxant. This is why people take magnesium for muscle tension.

Toxic symptoms from increased magnesium intake are not common. This is because the body eliminates excess amounts, unless there are serious problems with kidney function. However, we always recommend speaking to your GP before starting any dietary supplements if you are on any medications or have any medical conditions. When you are using supplements, always adhere to nutrient reference value guidelines

Why Does It Tingle When I Apply It to My Skin?

The most important fact to remember is that this isn’t an allergic reaction to magnesium. Magnesium is naturally found within the body and is vital to good health. This can actually be a sign the body’s cellular levels are in magnesium deficiency. This tingling sensation is caused by the magnesium, which is a large molecule being rapidly absorbed through the epidermis.

Magnesium Flakes can provide a gentle solution to raising your levels. Added to a bath or foot bath they can provide a lower concentration of the solution. This will still help increase your levels of magnesium to help you sleep.

Another factor that can influence a tingling reaction when applying magnesium is the amount used on one area. We recommend using a small amount per area and increasing gradually. If you have dry or broken skin, it may heighten this sensation, so it is advised to avoid these areas. This reaction to skin supplements will decrease as your body’s cellular magnesium levels increase.

To reduce the reaction we recommend applying magnesium creams and sprays using the following techniques:

  • Apply only a small amount to any individual skin area. Massage in well.
  • Apply after a shower onto wet skin, while pores are open.
  • Vary the application areas to increase the body’s overall magnesium level.
  • Little but often is the key. Massage in and wait for a minute or so then try a little more.

The key is to apply transdermal magnesium wherever it feels comfortable. Once absorbed into the skin, magnesium is circulated around the body. This means there is no direct need to focus just on a single area. However, once your magnesium levels begin to rise you will find areas that were sensitive before are no longer.

Can I Use Transdermal Magnesium During Pregnancy?

Transdermal magnesium is perfectly safe to use as a pregnancy supplement with no restrictions on dosage levels during this time.

Whilst some essential oils are advised to be avoided during pregnancy, those included in our products (with the exception of Basil in Mind Flakes) are classified as safe. However, if you have any concerns relating to your own health, please seek the advice of your midwife or GP before starting any dietary supplements.

You can also find magnesium supplements that are safe to use after your little one has arrived. Our postnatal supplements include magnesium, and can help you increase your levels in pill-free, relaxing formulations.

What Is the Source of Magnesium Chloride?

The magnesium chloride we use is a solution mined in Veendam in the Netherlands. It is mined from an ancient seabed known as the Zechstein Sea. This magnesium has been condensed and purified for over 250 million years.

To mine the magnesium chloride, spring water is carefully pumped down to dissolve the seam and the solution is brought up to the surface. This solution is the foundation of the Zechstein Magnesium in our products.

I Take Medication, Are There Any Contraindications?

There are no contraindications with any of our transdermal magnesium products. However, we always recommend speaking to your GP before starting any dietary supplements if you are on any medications or have any medical conditions.

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