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Spray your way out of deficiency - A BetterYou Pilot Study

Optimal levels of vitamin D are just a spray away, according to a study we recently carried out in conjunction with the NHS Vitamin D Testing service.

The pilot study focused on 25 participants who had low vitamin D levels (below 50n/mol) and aimed to prove the effectiveness of an oral vitamin D spray in elevating serum levels.

Participant’s initially tested their levels using a home test kit developed by Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust and then retested ten weeks later, after following their advised dosage of BetterYou’s Vitamin D3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray.

The Results

Of all participants in the trial who had low vitamin D levels:

  • Over half (52%) had clinically deficient levels of vitamin D (<30n/mol)
  • Close to half (48%) had insufficient levels of vitamin D (30-50n/mol)
  • All participants raised their vitamin D status (on average four and a half times) to an optimal level (>75n/mol)
  • After only 10 weeks of oral spray supplementation, there was a significant increase in mean vitamin D Levels from 29.8n/mol to 136.4n/mol, within the optimal range for effective immunity.

This trial has successfully demonstrated how a high dose oral spray of vitamin D can dramatically increase vitamin D levels and resolve insufficiency/deficiency to an optimal level.

This trial shows that low vitamin D levels can be easily corrected by a simple and convenient oral spray supplementation. A backs up multiple clinical trials that have found that oral vitamin sprays elevate serum vitamin D levels faster than traditional tablets and capsules.

Vitamin D deficiency a UK wide problem

It’s important for you to know your levels, as it’s estimated that around 10 million people have a vitamin D deficiency.

As the clocks change and the nights draw in, Public Health England recommends that everyone take a daily vitamin D supplement during autumn and winter.

Our DLux vitamin D Oral Spray range offers convenience and guaranteed absorption for people of all ages, including children and mums to be.

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