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The Importance of Vitamin D for Children

Vitamin D for children is essential. The vitamin is vital for growth and development in kids, supporting the absorption of calcium into the bones, as well as helping muscle health. With this in mind, ensuring your little ones get enough vitamin D is extremely important. With the help of Dr Benjamin Jacobs, we guide you through the details of increasing vitamin D for children.

Vitamin D Deficiency in Children

Ensuring vitamin D for children is at the right level is important in preventing vitamin D deficiency related illnesses. Conditions caused by low vitamin D, such as rickets have been making a comeback, meaning it's more important than ever to focus on vitamin D for children. Luckily, vitamin D supplements can be an effective way of combating this issue in kids.

Dr Benjamin Jacobs, consultant paediatrician and Director of Children’s Service at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has spent years treating children suffering vitamin D deficiency. He says: "This year it has finally been recognised by the national authorities that all children need a regular intake of Vitamin D.

Can Children Take Vitamin D?

The Government recommends that everybody should be taking vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter. However, the sunshine vitamin is an especially important for vitamin for children’s health and development.

Supplementing vitamin D for children is highly recommended, especially for those higher risk groups. These higher risk groups include infants and children under the age of 5. It is also recommended that vitamin D is taken during pregnancy, as well as supplementing vitamin D whilst breastfeeding. For individuals that fit this group, children could be taking a vitamin D supplement all year round to prevent deficiency.

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What Vitamin D Dosage to Give Kids

The recommended dosage of vitamin D for kids does not differ from that of adults. With an increase in the knowledge that excessive sun exposure can contribute to skin cancer, children are spending less time in the sun. In fact, it’s a common vitamin D myth that you can achieve high enough levels from the sun. Using anything above SPF 15 prevents vitamin D from being formed naturally in the body. The consequence of this leads us to know much vitamin D children need.

Dr Benjamin Jacobs states:

“Doctors have campaigned to prevent skin cancer by protecting children from sunshine, so we now need to ensure children get Vitamin D by mouth. It is unacceptable to allow children to suffer a lack of vitamin D in this day and age.”

“It is difficult to get enough sunshine, and from October until March it is not possible to make Vitamin D from sunshine in the UK. A daily supplement of 400 units is good for children of all ages.

Vitamin D for Growing Children

As vitamin D benefits bone and muscle health, it’s of the utmost importance that children intake enough vitamin D as part of their bone supplements.

Dr Jacobs says:

“Babies in the UK should be given Vitamin D supplements from soon after birth as there is not enough natural Vitamin D in a normal healthy diet, and there is not enough sunshine in the UK to allow us to make Vitamin D ourselves.

“Without Vitamin D there is a danger that babies will develop problems with their bones and muscles. Babies and young toddlers are particularly susceptible to low blood calcium levels if they do not have sufficient Vitamin D. It is easy and safe to give all children a daily dose of Vitamin D and this is now the standard recommendation in the UK and many other countries in Europe and North America.”

It’s evident that the importance of vitamin D, and the difficulties in gaining it naturally in the UK, lead to the need for supplementation.

A Potential Vitamin D Remedy for Your Little Ones

Our range of oral sprays has vitamin D supplements designed for children. For infants, our Infant Vitamin D Spray is ideal - this can be used from birth up to the age of 3. From 3 onwards, your kids will love BetterYou’s mint flavoured D400 Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray. If you’re still waiting for your little one to arrive, our collection of pregnancy supplements will cater to your nutrient needs.

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