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The fuss-free way to get their vitamins every day

BetterYou has teamed up with the Roald Dahl Story Company to bring you a unique range of children’s vitamin and mineral supplements to support children’s health, wellbeing and sleep.

The fantastic range features characters from the beloved Roald Dahl stories to help make taking essential vitamins and minerals extra fun.

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Magnesium Sleep

A dream-inducing magnesium range helps relax and prepare your titchy little snapperwhippers for sleep.

Using 100% pure Zechstein magnesium, the range is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

Available in a body spray, body lotion or whizz-popping bath flakes for extra bathtime fun.

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Immune Health
Kids’ Daily Oral Spray

Tailored nutritional support for young immune systems, containing an expert blend of five immune supporting ingredients, including vitamin D, selenium and zinc.

  • A fuss-free way to support their immune system
  • A scrumptious raspberry, grape and orange flavour
  • Sustainable packaging made from plant-based plastic
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Vitamin D+K2
Kids' Daily Oral Spray

An expert blend of vitamins D3 and K2 to support immune health and the development of healthy bones and teeth.

  • Fuss-free and easy to deliver
  • Scrumdiddlyumptious blueberry bubblegum flavour
  • Sustainable packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic
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Kids' Daily Oral Spray

14 essential nutrients specially formulated for picky diets – providing perfectly balanced nutritional support for growing bodies.

  • A fuss-free way to support their immune system
  • A scrumptious chocolate and marshmallow flavour
  • Sustainable packaging made from plant-based plastic
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“This is a lovely light body lotion that absorbs straight into the skin. It has a lovely subtle lavender and chamomile scent that would suit boys or girls. My 7 year old slept for 11 hours after a magnesium bath and a massage with this lotion, and I feel reassured that he is getting magnesium into his system.”



“This makes my skin feel nice and soft and it smells nice.”


“Elliott was really excited when she saw the packaging as she recognised Matilda straight away.I love that it makes giving her vitamins so easy, as she’s actually excited to take them!”



“I like Matilda and the taste, it’s yummy!”


“The whizz-popping caused a lot of excitement and everyone was called to witness the phenomenon! She has sensitive skin and contact dermatitis so it has been good to find a product that entertains, smells good but not over powering and had her a good nights sleep. Will buy this again - as other brand bubble baths give her a rash!”



“Dad...dad...you've got to come quick… Can you hear it popping?”


Better for People and Planet

We’re committed to lowering our environmental impact as a business and create a more sustainable future. Every product is manufactured from recycled ocean waste plastic, plant-based plastic or is 100% recyclable.

All of our formulations are guaranteed free from palm oil and palm oil derivatives. Find out more about how we’re working to create a better future for the planet and our little ones.

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