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Magnesium's Role in Sleep

Magnesium is nature’s finest relaxant and has a calming effect on the entire body. Using the BetterYou™ transdermal magnesium range helps to relax muscles and get rid of excess tension helping to maintain a good quality of sleep.

Could deficiency be keeping you up at night?

It is well known that poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on our health and well-being. What is less well known is that a deficiency in magnesium can be one of the main factors affecting the quality of sleep we can achieve. The body needs magnesium to maintain a state of rest and a lack of magnesium can lead to restless muscles that can keep you awake at night.

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Could deficiency be keeping you up at night?
A nationwide problem

A nationwide problem

Sleep disorders can take many forms, from restless leg syndrome to insomnia. If you have trouble nodding off, you’re not alone… Around 40% of us get less than six hours sleep a night.

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It’s rather worrying that most people don’t sleep very well. So we’ve partnered with The Sleep Council to create our “Better Sleep, Naturally” eBook.

The book has been developed with the aim to help you improve your bedtime routine, consider your environment and nutritional needs to achieve a deeper, natural night’s sleep.


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Before retiring

Relax in a magnesium-rich body or footbath with BetterYou Magnesium Flakes.

If your sleep is disrupted

Apply 2-3 sprays of BetterYou MagnesiumOil or MagnesiumSkin Body Lotion directly to shoulders or abdomen and massage in.

For night-time muscle relief

Apply MagnesiumOil directly to problem area (often the calf or the feet) and massage in. Repeat as necessary.

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BetterYou™ have teamed up with a number of sleep experts and nutritionists to help you achieve the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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5 tips to create the perfect sleep routine

5 tips to create the perfect sleep routine

To help you catch some ZZZs we’ve created this simple to follow guide on how you can create the perfect pre-bed routine.

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Sleep, mental health and the impact of diet

Sleep, mental health and the impact of diet

Nutritional Therapist and health writer,  Naomi Mead, details the role of sleep on our health and wellbeing and how you can take simple steps to improve your quality of sleep.

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