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Vitamin D oral spray for babies and children under 3


BetterYouTM DLuxInfant Vitamin D Oral Spray is specially formulated for children under 3 years. The gentle combination of coconut oil and vitamin D deliver this vital vitamin directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

  • Each spray delivers 400IU (10μg) of bioavailable vitamin D3
  • Better absorption than tablets, guaranteed
  • Supports bone and teeth development
  • Contributes to a healthy immune system
  • Flavour free

The tiny droplets absorb quickly in your child’s mouth providing faster nutrient absorption than tablets or capsules… guaranteed.

There is no need to take with food or water and DLuxInfant’s 100% natural, tooth kind formula is perfect for kids to boost their vitamin D levels quickly and easily.

  • Why DLuxInfant?

    The UK Department of Health highlights all children under 3 years old as at “at risk” group for vitamin D deficiency and recommend that they should be given a daily supplement.

    DLuxInfant Vitamin D Oral Spray provides your little ones with a guaranteed nutritional dosage that traditional tablets, capsules and drops simply can’t.

    No tablets, no water, no fuss.

    How do BetterYou intraoral sprays work?

    Each spray produces a plume of micro-droplets that permeate the soft-tissue of the inner cheek, delivering essential nutrients into the rich vein system below. Micro-emulsified to product optimal droplet size and plume delivery, ensuring effective absorption and a convenience, speed and effectiveness other vitamin D supplements can’t. Learn more about intraoral vitamin sprays.

    There is a growing base of evidence that is proving that vitamin uptake via oral sprays is up to twice as effective as compared to traditional vitamin supplements.

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  • Directions

    Carefully spray into your child’s mouth or on the inside of the cheek. Give your child one daily spray or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

    Suitable from birth.

    Does not need to be taken with food or water and can be taken at any time of the day.

    On initial usage, press the pump 3 times to get the liquid flowing. Shake well before every use.

    Once opened, use within 6 months.

    Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep out of children’s reach.

    Do not exceed recommended dosage.

  • Ingredients

    Coconut oil, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

    No artificial colours or flavours.

    The source of vitamin D3 is Lanolin. This has been sourced from the wool of sheep living in Australia. The D3 is completely extracted from the Lanolin and while it is suitable for vegetarians (approved by the vegetarian society) it may not be suitable for those wishing to follow a strict vegan diet.

    BetterYou takes pride in its unique approach to absorption, delivery and stability testing and proudly use natural, food-state, food-sourced ingredients wherever possible.

    Proudly British made. Never tested on animals.

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