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DLuxInfant daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable for children up to 3 years of age and provides 300IU (7.5mcg) of vitamin D with each daily spray. It has a great natural strawberry flavour and can be used in conjunction with formulation milk.

Vitamin D promotes the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, supports a healthy immune system and aids muscle development.

The UK Department of Health highlights all children under 3 years as an at risk group for vitamin D deficiency and recommend that they should be given a daily supplement.

  • Why DLuxInfant?

    DLuxInfant vitamin D oral spray is able to guarantee a level of absorption that no other supplement can match. 

    Research by Cardiff University has shown that by applying it directly into the mouth, ideally under the tongue or on the inside of the cheek, it is absorbed directly through the mucous membrane into the blood system. This ensures no loss during the absorption process. The solution has been micro emulsified to ensure the particle size is optimal for absorption in this way.

    The unique oral spray format means there is no need for capsules or water - making supplementation fast, convenient and effective.

  • Directions

    Suitable for children under 3 years of age. Give your child one spray daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

    Shake well before every use. On first use depress the pump 3 times to prime and carefully spray once into the mouth or against the inner cheek. Replace the cap after use. Once opened use within 3 months.

    Research has found that inside of the cheek is the best the for absorption.

    Does not have to be taken with food or at a set time of day.

    Store at room temperature.This has been formulated as an ambient spray and does not require refrigeration.

  • Ingredients

    In DLuxInfant you will find…

    Medium chain triglycerides (coconut/palm oil), natural flavouring strawberry, cholecalciferol (vitamin D).

    We take great pride in sourcing the most bioavailable, active ingredients.

    DLuxInfant vitamin D oral spray is suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and diabetics. There are no artificial colours or flavours and no alcohol, gluten, salt, yeast or lactose.

    The source of vitamin D3 is Lanolin. This has been sourced from the wool of sheep living in Australia. The D3 is completely extracted from the Lanolin and while it is suitable for vegetarians it is not suitable for vegans.

  • FAQ
    Can I spray the DLux on to food or drink?

    The DLux oral spray range has been formulated to be absorbed through the mucosal membrane within the mouth. We have conducted clinical trials with Cardiff University and found that the most effective area for absorption to be on the inside of the cheek. Our formula within our oral sprays have therefore been specifically made to provide optimal and guaranteed, immediate absorption in this area.

    Spraying DLux onto your food or into a drink would mean it is processed by the digestive system rather than going through the mucosal membranes in the mouth.

    Are there any contraindications with DLux?

    There are no interactions with any medication. However we always recommend speaking to your GP if you are on any medications.

    The DLux sprays are also suitable to use alongside all other BetterYou products.

    Are the DLux spray suitable for special dietary requirements?

    Yes. All the DLux sprays are suitable for vegetarians and are officially approved by the Vegetarian Society. They are also suitable for those following a coeliac or diabetic diet.

    The oral spray method also means that they are suitable for those with digestive problems.

    I’m taking multiple sprays, should I spread it throughout the day or take them all at once?

    This is down to personal preference, either way provides optimal absorption.

    Our studies have found that the best place for absorption is inside of the cheek. When using multiple sprays we would recommend spraying in this area.

    How long will the DLuxInfant spray last?

    DLuxInfant has 100 sprays per bottle and so if you are using one spray per day it will last 100 days.

    What is the difference between the DLux sprays?

    The key difference is the dosage level per spray, the different colours are not related to flavours.

    DLuxInfant delivers 300IU (7.5µg) per spray and has a natural strawberry flavour.

    DLuxJunior delivers 400IU (10µg) per spray and has a natural peppermint flavour.

    DLux1000 delivers 1000IU (25µg) per spray and has a natural peppermint flavour.

    DLux3000 delivers 3000IU (75µg) per spray and has a natural peppermint flavour.

    DLuxPregnancy delivers 1000IU (25µg) of vitamin D per dose (5 sprays) along with the RDA of B1, B6 and Folic Acid and has a natural peach and mango flavour.

    What dosage of vitamin D should I take?

    We recommend a dosage level based on body weight and advise supplementation of 1000IU of vitamin D per 25kg of body weight.

    This usually equates to one spray of DLux3000 per day for adults living in the UK. For children our DLuxInfant and DLuxJunior products provide ideal daily dosage levels.

    What is the source of D3 in your DLux products?

    The vitamin D3 contained in our DLux sprays is sourced from Lanolin, which is the wool from a sheep. There is no Lanolin found within the product but the process of extracting the D3 from the wool makes this particular product not suitable for those on a vegan diet. We take our product ingredients very seriously and are always researching to find new ways of creating products which are as universally acceptable as possible.

    Do I need to take the spray with food or a drink?

    No. The oral spray delivery mechanism avoids processing by the digestive system, meaning it can be taken at any time of day with or without food. The active ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream via the mucosal membranes in the mouth.

    What time of day should I use the spray?

    The spray can be taken at any time of day, the key is to make it part of your daily routine.

    Many people find it is easiest to take it first thing in the morning as part of their morning routine, but as the sprays are easy to use, portable and don’t need to be taken with food or a drink, they can be used any time of day.

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