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New packaging for our magnesium range

We have made some exciting changes to our magnesium range to ensure we continue to provide you with the most effective magnesium products on the market.

Starting in 2005, bio-chemist Juan Rosello and BetterYou turned transdermal magnesium therapy in a commercially available product, making this amazing form of supplementation more accessible to the public.

Fourteen years on, we're excited to share with you the changes and improvements we've made to our award-winning magnesium products:

  • Product name and packaging changes
  • Planet-friendly plastics
  • Palm oil derivative free

Product name and packaging changes

We’ve rebranded some of our products to help you better understand the correct product for your needs.

As we continue to improve and source sustainable ingredients, we will be making further improvements to our formulations, making them more universally acceptable and palm oil derivative free (more on that below).

We’re not quite ready to share all of these yet but make sure you’ve subscribed to our mailing list or you’re following us on social media to be the first to hear about when they launch.

Magnesium Oil Body Spray
Formerly Magnesium Oil Original

Magnesium Sensitive Body Spray
Formerly Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray

Magnesium Sleep Body Spray
Formerly Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray

Magnesium Joint Body Spray
Formerly Magnesium Oil Joint Spray

Magnesium Muscle Body Spray
Formerly Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray

Magnesium Muscle Body Spray is a brand-new palm oil derivative free formula. The body spray will include capsicum and arnica to aid muscle recovery. Available March 2020.

Magnesium + Calcium Body Lotion
Formerly Magnesium Bone Lotion

Magnesium Body Lotion
Formerly Magnesium Skin Body Lotion

From March 2020, Magnesium Skin Body Lotion will be replaced by a reformulated 'Magnesium Body Lotion'. This lotion will be a clean-beauty formula, suitable for sensitive skin, vegan-friendly and will be palm oil derivative free.

Planet-friendly plastics

Committed to reducing our impact on the environment we have introduced planet-friendly plastic packaging. Every product within the BetterYou magnesium range is 100% recycle and utilises plastic that does not come from fossil fuel but from carbon negative, plant-based source.

Learn more about our Better Planet Project here.

Palm Oil derivative free

As a brand we have always been against the use of palm oil in our products due to the destructive nature of its harvesting, its contribution to climate change and habitat destruction – and can proudly say that we have always been palm oil free.

However, due to the extensive uses of palm oil it is found in almost all cosmetic ingredients, with around 60% of the palm oil consumed globally in the form of derivatives which do not need to be declared within ingredient listings, making it incredibly difficult for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Unhappy with this, we have investigated the origin of every ingredient we use and reformulated where necessary, removing any palm oil derivatives from our products – a project that has taken us over a year to complete.

Using the latest developments in cosmetic chemistry, we are on track to achieve our goal of becoming 100% palm oil and palm oil derivative free across our entire range by May 2020.

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