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Air Defence Oral Spray Wins Best New Product

Good news! Air Defence Oral Spray has been awarded Best New Product at the Health Food Business Awards 2021. Find out why, and how it can help to reduce the effects of air pollution.

The Health Food Business Awards

Our Oral Defence Spray has been awarded Best New Product at the Health Food Business Awards 2021. Thanks to its pill-free application, and effective alternative to traditional supplements, our spray has worn this award.

Over 90% of the world lives in air quality the WHO considers to be polluted, so we developed our Air Defence spray to tackle this with the power of vitamins and minerals. Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air. To support the removal of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, we’re using our Tree Planting Initiative to plant a tree for every Air Defence Oral Spray sold.

What is Air Defence?

The Air Defence spray was formulated to help protect the body's defences against the health effects of air pollution. This nutritional spray contains 5 key nutrients including vitamin D, B vitamins and selenium. These nutrients help to support a healthy immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress caused by fine air particles found in air pollution.

This innovative spray allows you to supplement these vitamins and minerals without the hassle of taking a traditional pill supplement. That way, supporting your health with immune system supplements is easy and fun. With a natural peach and pomegranate flavour, you can encourage your body to experience the benefits of selenium, benefits of vitamin D, and the benefits of vitamin B all in one great-tasting place.

The Air Defence Oral Spray is certified vegetarian, like our other vegetarian supplements, as well as being palm oil derivative free. That way, you can support your health from the effects of air pollution, while caring for the planet too.

We are very proud that our product has been award-winning at the Health Food Business Awards 2021. The spray joins our award-winning Iron Oral Sprays, as well as our award-winning Turmeric Spray for recognition we are delighted by.

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