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7 Easy Tips to Succeed in your New Year Resolution Fitness Plan

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, one of the most common that people set themselves is to get their fitness routine back on track. But everyone knows that keeping these health-related resolutions is easier said than done. We have put together our top tips to help you stick to those resolutions.

7 Tips to Help Keep Resolutions All Year

1. Be Realistic

The easiest way to break your resolution straight away is by making your goals too impractical. Rather than promising to never eat your favourite food again, set a series of smaller, attainable goals that you can achieve within certain time frames. With exercise, by starting slow with low intensity and duration will help develop a solid foundation of fitness which you can build up over time as your fitness improves.

2. Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until last minute to decide your meals or exercises for the day, otherwise you are likely to eat unhealthy and not exercise properly. Try to buy healthy food for the whole week so you are more likely to make healthier food choices. Plan your exercise programme for the week or even month ahead so you can see what goals you are working towards and are prepared for every workout.

3. Recover with Magnesium

In order to become fitter our bodies need to recover from the stress exercise has caused – especially if you are starting a new regime! Training can deplete fuel stores in the body, cause loss of fluid and minerals, damage muscles, and suppress the immune system. Problems arise when we don’t allow ourselves to recover, such as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or joint and muscle injuries, meaning we are soon likely to give up on our new fitness routine.

Magnesium can help play a huge role in recovery and can be implemented into your daily routine. It helps aid muscle relaxation, detoxes muscle cells of excess calcium, reduces pain and improves muscle efficiency.

After exercise, try taking a magnesium-rich bath with Magnesium Flakes or massage Magnesium Gel, Spray or Lotion into tired muscles to help prevent soreness so you’re ready for the next workout.

4. Sleep Well with Magnesium

Disturbed sleep is an indicator of reduced recovery and can cause poor performance, injury and illness. As your body is overstressed and physically tired, it makes it even harder to fall asleep meaning you become psychologically tired during the day, and will be more likely to skip a workout and eat junk food.

Magnesium also has an essential role in sleep through its role in regulating neural transmissions and calming the nervous system. Using transdermal magnesium post-exercise or before bed, such as the Magnesium Flakes in a warm bath or the MagnesiumOil Goodnight spray infused with essential oils, will help relax muscles and aid a restful sleep so you can recovery properly.

5. Keep Track

Use apps or a diary to keep track of each small success. However, this doesn’t have to be just tracking your weight or measurements. Consider other measures of fitness, such as if you have run an extra couple of minutes than last time or if you can now do one more press up than you did before. This will help keep you motivated and focussed on your fitness goals.

6. Reward Yourself

If part of your resolution is to start eating healthy then rewarding yourself by eating an entire box of chocolates is a backwards step. Instead, celebrate your success with something you enjoy doing that doesn’t conflict with your resolution, like rewarding yourself with some new fitness clothing or going out with a friend.

If you are seeing results it’s important to reward yourself, even if it is just once a month so you are encouraged you to carry on!

7. Keep Trying

If you have run out of steam in keeping your resolutions before the end of February – don’t panic, just start over again! Remind yourself why you started these resolutions in the first place and how good they have made you feel since you’ve started.

Remember that one bad meal or missed training session won’t completely ruin your efforts, but by sticking to your plan for the majority of the time will see you live a healthier lifestyle.

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