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Fighting the Winter Blues?

B12 is a critical vitamin to get the balance right because our bodies don’t make or store it. We constantly need to top it up. B12 is directly involved in producing DNA, hormones and red blood cells. Most experts agree it’s best to get through your day-to-day diet, but for people like me who are vegetarian or vegan, there is just no way I can get enough as B12 is generally found in meat and dairy products, or supplemented into foods like store bought cereal. Since I don’t eat any of the foods on the list of items naturally containing B12 such as liver, clams, fish, meat, chicken or cow’s milk, I must supplement. Lucky for me, there’s BetterYou’s Boost B12 Oral Spray.

Any vitamin deficiency is serious, but there are some aspects to low B12 levels that cause horrible long term complications like megaloblastic anaemia which can ultimately lead to the damage of one’s nervous system. Symptoms of B12 deficiency include low energy, tiredness and loss of both appetite and weight. As with any physical or emotional symptoms you may be feeling, it’s important to see your GP to determine if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, and how you can alter your diet and lifestyle to accommodate your personal needs and choices. This becomes especially true as we head into the holiday season where lots of late nights and holiday treats might knock our healthy living goals flat on their faces.

There are many reasons taking B12 is essential to increasing one’s energy and for fighting fatigue. For example, a client of mine was recently feeling tired all the time with super low energy levels. He had some lab work done and his B12 and vitamin D levels were seriously low despite being a healthy eater (B12 is incredibly difficult for the body to absorb). He started supplementing straight away and his energy and general overall sense of well-being were improved within a matter of weeks. Also for the men out there, one study I’ve read indicated (1) that B12 boosts your testosterone levels, and testosterone keeps you lean as the B12 helps break down both fats and carbs. Can’t beat that!

B12 also directly affects brain function and is thought to help assuage both depression and anxiety whilst boosting memory function. During these cold, dark months where many of us need that little extra push to even get out of bed, it’s important to supplement your B vitamins to ensure you are getting enough to stave off those winter blues, and to get those red blood cells pumping oxygen through your body more efficiently.

Boost B12 Oral Spray is my favourite vitamin spray product by BetterYou. Not only is it incredibly convenient to take, it is so delicious; I have to ensure I limited myself to the four sprays per day - how often can you say that about a vitamin supplement!? All you need to do is spray directly on the inner cheek, which is proven to deliver the vitamin faster than tablets, as it enters quickly into the bloodstream. This quick delivery is important for me as a personal trainer because I have a very active lifestyle and need to ensure my red blood cells are constantly replenishing themselves, plus the extremely limited amount of B12 I get from my food is most likely destroyed in my stomach by acids and enzymes.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Here’s to your winter health!




Boost B12 Oral Spray
BetterYou Boost B12 Oral Spray is an effective B12 supplement formulated to aid normal psychological functions,...


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