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We believe in putting food first, then, using our product range we can plug the ‘gaps’ that are inevitably left. Our products utilise the fastest and most reliable delivery mechanisms available including transdermal magnesium therapy and intra-oral vitamin delivery.


Same great MagnesiumOil, handy 15ml bottle
Delivering vitamin B12 efficiently and conveniently
Save 25% - Complete wellness for a BetterYou
Your daily dose of sunshine!
Your daily dose of sunshine... guaranteed
Guarantee their daily dose of sunshine
Guarantee their daily dose of sunshine
Expertly formulated nutritional support
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Save 25% - Perfect for those who prefer to shower
Save 22% - Everything you need to end restless nights
Luxurious and decadent formulation
For hydrated, glowing skin
Pure relaxation and detox
The most relaxing 20 minutes you will ever spend!
Highly concentrated gel for sustained magnesium delivery
Save 25% - Guarantee a great night's sleep
Natural aid to restful sleep