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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins we can supplement due to our ever-increasing indoor lifestyles and the fact it is only found in certain foods. The vast majority of the vitamin D our bodies require is produced by our skins unprotected exposure to the sun.

Public Health England has recommended that everyone living in the UK should take a vitamin D supplement from October to April.

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Vitamin D's role in the body

Essential for ensuring calcium enters the bone, it helps to strengthen teeth and bones and also ensures a robust immune system protecting the body from the common cold to a growing list of auto-immune diseases.

Vitamin D's role in the body
Scientifically proven absorption

Scientifically proven absorption

The BetterYou™ range of DLux vitamin D oral sprays deliver this essential vitamin via the soft tissue within the mouth, providing a fast and effective uptake of the active ingredient. With a range of dosage strengths for the entire family and using natural ingredients and flavourings, BetterYou’s DLux vitamin D oral sprays offer a new chapter in vitamin supplementation.

How does a vitamin D oral spray work?

Each BetterYou™ DLux Vitamin D Oral Spray is formulated for optimum absorption, delivering this vital vitamin straight into the bloodstream, helping to quickly increase your vitamin D levels.

Multiple studies are showing intraoral application as an effective and convenient alternative to traditional tablets and capsules. The process benefits from the very absorbent soft tissues in the mouth and the close proximity of a rich vein system.

How much should I take?

Recommendations have varied dramatically over the years. As we have discovered more and more health issues associated with vitamin D deficiency we have increased supplementation recommendations to a wider and wider section of the population to the point we find ourselves at now which is that everyone is now advised to supplement.

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How much should I take?
How can I find out what my vitamin D level is?


Test vitamin D levels

BetterYou™ has been in partnership with Sandwell and West Birmingham City Hospital NHS Trust since 2013 distributing its simple and accurate home test kit so that you can assess your own vitamin D levels.

Using a simple and painless dry blood spot test it requires you to gently prick your figure and collect four small spots of blood. Post it in the self-addressed envelope provided.

The NHS laboratory will then measure your levels and BetterYou™ will explain your results and advise you on any action required.

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Vitamin D for new life

Vitamin D for new life

Public Health England has recently recommended that everybody should be taking vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter. However, the sunshine vitamin is especially important during pregnancy and the early stages of life.

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