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Vegan Health Oral Spray

Scientifically formulated to support a vegan diet


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BetterYou Vegan Health Spray contains a combination of nutrients scientifically formulated to support vegan health, including vegan D3, vitamin B12, iron and iodine.

The formulation provides fast, effective absorption of nutrients typically underrepresented in vegan and vegetarian diets.

  • Contains vegan Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Iron and Iodine
  • Perfectly formulated to support vegan and vegetarian diets
  • A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules
  • The Vegetarian Society: Vegan Approved
  • 48 daily doses
  • Natural mixed berries flavour
  • Packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic
  • Why Vegan Health Oral Spray?

    The spray has been specially formulated to deliver 4 essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing primary processing by the gut. The tiny droplets within the spray absorb quickly into the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast and effective nutrient uptake.

    Our work with Cardiff University has produced a nutritional delivery system that provides an effective and convenient alternative to tablets and capsules.

    Importance of Vitamin D, B12, Iron and Iodine

    The combination of 4 essential vitamins and minerals works to support the body in several ways, including:

    Vitamin D
    Vegan Health Daily Oral Spray uses Vitamin D3V®, a 100% plant-origin Vitamin D3.
    Vitamin D supports a normal immune system, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and supports normal muscle function.

    Vitamin B12
    The spray utilises both Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin forms of B12, both of which are directly utilised by the body's energy pathways Contributes to normal energy metabolism, supports formation of red blood cells and contributes to normal psychological function.

    Contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue, normal cognition function and supports the formation of red blood cells.

    Supports normal cognitive function, contributes to skin health and normal thyroid function.

    Who needs it?

    While this supplement has been specifically developed with vegans and vegetarians in mind, even those not following those diets may need to supplement these key nutrients.

    Vitamin D and Iodine are predominantly found in dairy and oily fish while vitamin B12 and Iron can be obtained from red meat. If any of these foods are underrepresented in your diet you should consider taking a dietary supplement.

  • Directions

    How to use

    Initial use: press the pump 3 times to get the liquid flowing.

    Shake well before every use. Carefully spray into your mouth, ideally onto the inside of your cheek, and hold for a few seconds.

    Replace cap after use.


    4 sprays contain 3000IU (75μg) of vegan vitamin D3, 6μg of vitamin B12, 5mg of Iron and 150μg of Iodine.

    Use 4 sprays daily (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner). Can be taken together or separately.

    Does not need to be taken with food or water, can be taken at any time of the day and combined with our other oral sprays. Please check combined dosages before commencing additional supplementation.


    Once opened, use within 6 months.

    Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

    Keep out of reach and sight of children.


    Do not exceed recommended dosage – excessive xylitol consumption may produce laxative effects.

    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

    This product contains iron which if taken in excess, may be harmful to very young children.

  • Ingredients

    Water, diluent (xylitol), emulsifier (acacia gum, sunflower lecithin), ferric sodium edetate (iron), ferric ammonium citrate (iron), glycerine, medium chain triglycerides, preservative (potassium sorbate), acidity regulator (citric acid), flavouring (natural mixed berries), thickener (xanthan gum), potassium iodide (iodine), cholecalciferol (D3), 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin (B12), methylcobalamin (B12).

    Nutritional Information
    Each daily dose (4 sprays) contains EC NRV
    Vitamin D3 3000IU / 75μg 1500%
    Vitamin B12 6μg 240%
    Iron 5mg 36%
    Iodine 150μg 100%
    *EC Nutrient Reference Value

    Suitable for:

    • Vegans and Vegetarians
    • Suitable for 13 years and above
    • Suitable for use during pregnancy

    The BetterYou source

    BetterYou takes pride in its unique approach to absorption, delivery and stability testing and proudly use natural, food-state, food-sourced ingredients wherever possible.

    Proudly British made. Never tested on animals.

    Manufactured in a GMP facility.

  • FAQ
    Why does the Boost B12 have 1200mcg while the Vegan Health spray only has 6mcg?

    The Vegan Health spray has been developed to provide the recommended levels of nutrients required to plug the gaps left by a vegan and vegetarian diet.

    While Boost is specially formulated to increase vitamin B12 levels for those who wish to address a deficiency. As vitamin B12 is water soluble there is no fear of over dosing with this vitamin, as anything you don’t need your body will expel.

    What is the plant source of the vegan vitamin D?

    We use Vitamin D3V® as our vegan D3. It is produced using a 100% non-GMO perennial plant source.

    While we are unable to share the exact plant source due to the innovative and proprietary nature of the ingredient, you can be assured that it is vegan friendly as it is fully registered with the Vegan Society.

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