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NEW Iron (Ferritin) Test Kit + Free Iron Oral Spray
At-home health check
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Instructions on how to redeem your free Iron Oral Spray will be provided once you complete your test. This kit is for UK customers only.

The BetterYou Iron (Ferritin) Test Kit offers a quick, easy and accurate way to test your iron levels from the comfort of your own home.

  • Easy to use at home ferritin test
  • Accurate and detailed results
  • Get your results within 48 hours
  • Analysis carried out by UKAS accredited UK labs
  • Receive a personalised supplementation plan based on your results
  • Price includes complimentary Iron Oral spray upon completion
  • Free postage and packaging

This iron testing service is run in collaboration with our trusted partners at Forth – a leading UK biomarker testing company. By completing this test, you agree to securely share your data with BetterYou and Forth in line with our privacy policy.

Please be aware, this test uses a wet blood sample, you will be required to fill a small vial with a few drops of blood.

  • About


    If you’re feeling tired or fatigued, then you may not be supplying your body with enough iron. Iron is essential in the production of red blood cell formation and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, the normal functioning of the immune system and normal cognitive function.

    This test checks your ferritin (stored iron) levels which is the recommended marker to test for iron deficiency.

    Your results will be made available through your own personal online dashboard and a member of the BetterYou team will follow up with your bespoke supplementation plan within 2 working days.


    Product size: Single use
    Biomarkers tested Ferritin (stored iron)

    Importance of checking your iron levels

    Our iron (ferritin) test enables you to quickly identify the current iron levels within your body and gives you a clear insight into any risk of iron deficiency/anaemia or iron overload (haemochromatosis).

    By knowing your results and getting our bespoke supplementation plan, you can make the necessary lifestyle modifications to ensure your levels remain optimal and track your levels over time using our online portal.

    Who needs it

    While the test is suitable for everyone over 18 and testing for iron is advised if you’re concerned you’re not getting enough, there are groups of people who may be more susceptible to iron deficiency and should strongly consider getting themselves tested. These include:

    • Those with malabsorption issues
    • Women who have heavy periods
    • Athletes
    • Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Directions

    How to use

    Once you receive your test kit, please read and follow the instructions provided.

    The easy to use, at-home test works by taking a small blood sample using a quick and painless finger prick. Once the sample has been taken, the kit includes a pre-paid envelope to our UKAS accredited lab partners who analyse the sample.

    Your results will be processed within 2 working days of the lab receiving your sample. Once processed, your results will be made available via our online portal and you will be notified by email.

    A member of the BetterYou team will create a bespoke supplementation plan based on your results to help you increase or maintain your levels. This will be emailed to you shortly after your results are available.

    You will also receive a discount code for a complementary Iron Oral Spray which you can redeem through our website.

    It is important you collect your sample and post it on the same day – Between Monday – Thursday.


    Keep out of reach and sight of children.


    This test is not a substitute for seeing a doctor. If you are at all unsure about your results, please consult your doctor or medical professional. A copy of your results can be downloaded from the online portal if you wish to share them with a healthcare professional.

  • Suitable for
    Suitable for
    • Adults
    • Vegans
    • Vegetarians
    • Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
    Not suitable for
    • Those under 18 years old
  • Ingredients

    Test kit contents

    Contained within each pack is everything you need to take a blood sample from your fingertip.

    The pack includes: lancet, microtube, cleaning wipe, alcohol swap and plasters.

    The pack includes clear and full instructions with a postage-paid envelope (UK only) to post your results to the lab.

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  • FAQs
      Is there any difference in your tests?

      Our vitamin D tests differ from our Iron and B12 tests due to the collection method and how you receive your results. Ultimately, they each provide you with a detailed picture of your levels but use different analysis methods.

      How will my data be stored?

      We understand the importance of data security when dealing with sensitive data such as biometric testing. Your results will be securely processed and stored on secure servers.

      If taking a vitamin D test, your results will be communicated via email, if taking an Iron or B12 test, your results will be available via a secure online portal.

      By purchasing and completing the tests you agree that your data will be shared between BetterYou and our testing partners.

      What lab will process my sample?

      The laboratories we partner with are UK based, accredited and meet regulatory standards. They are some of the largest private labs in the country but also work directly with the NHS.

      How often should I take the blood test?

      We would recommend testing at different times of the year to establish your year-round levels. We would suggest a maximum of 4 times per year, every 3-4 months.

      Can I get this test done for free by my GP?

      Blood tests can be carried out by your GP but they often take a long time to complete and you are rarely given detailed results. By using one of our tests you get a bespoke supplementation plan as soon as your results are available and it is easy to track your results over time. If you’re at all concerned with your results, you can take them to your GP for further analysis.

      Do I need to stop supplementing before testing?

      It is completely up to you if you want to stop supplementing before taking a test. If you are supplementing, by taking a test you will establish if you need to up or reduce your dosage but if you decide to stop supplementation before testing, you will get a greater idea of your baseline levels from diet alone.

      If you do wish to find your baseline dietary level, we recommend a washout period of 2 weeks (Iron and B12) and 4-6 weeks (Vitamin D).

      Always consult your GP or healthcare professional before making a change to your supplementation plan.

      Are the kits easy to use?

      Our at-home kits are incredibly easy to complete. They allow you to quickly and easily take your sample without the need for a professional or visit to a GP surgery/clinic.

      Why should I choose BetterYou at-home health checks?

      By using a BetterYou at-home health check you get to see an accurate insight into your levels of a specific nutrient. Not only this, but we also provide you with a detailed supplementation plan included within the price to help you maintain or elevate your levels for optimal health.

      We will also provide you with a complimentary oral spray to help you kick-start your journey to optimal health, all included in a single one-off price.

      Who are Forth?

      Forth are one of our chosen biomarker testing partners. They are a leading UK-based private blood test provider. With a team of expert biochemists and medical doctors, they use UKAS approved laboratories to analyse your sample on our behalf.

      Where can I view my results?

      Once you have activated your kit and sent off your sample, you will be emailed when your results are ready. They will be made available via our online portal.

At a glance

Accredited analysis
Accurate results
Complimentary supplement
Easy to use
Personalised supplementation plan

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