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Rock Climbing Vegetarian Reaches New Heights with Vitamin D Oral Spray

A 30-year-old veggie rock climbing enthusiast from Sheffield who was suffering from fatigue and aching joints and muscles, has gained a new lease of life thanks our vitamin D spray.

Rebecca Pickering has been a vegetarian for over 15 years and had previously put her aches and pains down to diet and not getting enough iron. She never considered that her symptoms could be a result of low vitamin D levels until she took a simple NHS finger prick test and realised she was suffering from vitamin D deficiency. After 10 weeks using BetterYou Vitamin D3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray her levels have risen over seven times to an optimal level.

Boosting Energy Thanks to Vitamin D

We caught up with Rebecca to hear how vitamin D has given more energy to carry out her passion of rock climbing and has also seen an improvement in her skin.

Rebecca’s story

“Staying active has always been important to me, but I was finding I was often get ill, constantly felt tired, had aching muscles and trouble concentrating, making it difficult to find the motivation to go climbing.

“I’d previously had blood tests to check my iron levels, as a vegetarian that seemed to be the most obvious reason for my poor health, but they always came back fine.

“The vitamin D test was really simple to use and I received my results within a few days, along with recommendations based on my levels. I was shocked at my results, as at 23.8nmol/L I was at risk of problems such as osteoporosis in later life.

Resolving deficiency

“It was such a relief to finally find out what the problem was and that it could be resolved so easily.

“Because I was deficient, I needed to take three sprays of the Vitamin D3000 daily oral spray a day for a month to bring my levels up quickly.

“It was great to know exactly what dosage I needed to take and the complimentary Vitamin D3000 spray was so easy to use. I’ve never liked taking tablets so the spray was a great alternative, plus it tasted great.

“After a month, I could drop down to one spray a day as a maintenance dose, which I still take to make sure my levels don’t drop again.

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The spray works!

“I retested after 10 weeks and was amazed when my levels came back at 179nmol/L. I’d expected my levels to rise but didn’t think they would be so good; it definitely shows the spray works.

“Since taking the spray I now have more energy. I’ve found my muscles don’t tire as quickly and my joints don’t ache as much when climbing, allowing me to push myself that bit harder.

“I’ve noticed other benefits as well, I’m more focused at work and I have even seen an improvement in my skin.”

Could You be Vitamin D Deficient?

If you are suffering with any of the above symptoms, then you may be vitamin D deficient. This simple blood test will confirm your levels and includes a complimentary vitamin oral spray to help raise your vitamin D and get your health back on track.

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