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Strange Sleep Deprivation Symptoms


Sleep deprivation symptoms display themselves in many ways. From putting kettles in the fridge, to putting clothes on inside out, and driving the wrong way on a morning commute. If you're a poor sleeper, you could be prone to all of these. Our guide to sleep deprivation symptoms walks you through the signs of fatigue, and why sleep is so important.

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation?

We recently commissioned a clinical study of 78 people who 'struggle to sleep' and found that they were prone to putting items such as keys, hairbrushes and the kettle in the fridge, as well as pouring orange juice on their cereal when feeling sleep deprived.

Other commonly reported mistakes included putting clothes on inside out and even turning up at the wrong town for work!

To get a decent night's sleep people have opted for separate rooms for their spouse, taking sleeping pills and even the classic... counting sheep.

Why is Sleep So Important?

Poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on our health and over time can lead to problems such as anxiety, depression, poor concentration and weight gain.

What is less well known is that low levels of magnesium can be a contributing factor affecting the quality of sleep we can achieve.



The Sleep Deprivation Study

Our Magnesium Sleep Lotion, containing skin-kind active ingredients including, magnesium chloride and lavender and chamomile essential oils, was clinically tested on the 78 participants and they were asked to track any changes in sleep quality using the NHS Sleep Assessment Questionnaire over a 5 week period.

Conditions assessed included: speed of falling asleep, number of sleep interruptions, ability to sleep through, how refreshed when waking, quality of mood during and concentration the day.

The results showed that a staggering 92% found an improvement in their quality of sleep after using the lotion.

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, simply use Magnesium Sleep Lotion as part of your nighttime routine by massaging into the skin after a bath or shower. Breathe in the essential oils and let the active ingredients unwind you after a long day.

Share Your Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Has sleep deprivation ever led to you doing something strange? Have you taken the NHS self-assessment? Let us know on social media using #BetterSleepNaturally.

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