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Vitamin C: The Secret to Brighter, Younger Skin

Who doesn't want radiant, youthful skin? From reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines to brightening the complexion and keeping skin looking plump, Vitamin C is full of beauty benefits. It's no wonder that beauty expert Nadine Baggott recently shared that our Vitamin C Oral Spray is part of her secrets to brighter, younger skin on ITV’s this morning.

Vitamin C Oral Spray on ITV This Morning

This is the BetterYou Vitamin C Daily Oral Spray and it actually absorbs directly from the lining of your mouth… It tastes brilliant, you’re going to love that, it tastes like a sweet”.

Nadine also commented on how oral sprays were an effective format to maximise absorption of Vitamin C. Unlike traditional pills and capsules, the oral spray absorbs directly from the lining of your mouth and comes in a delicious natural cherry and pomegranate flavour.

Our antioxidant blend of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B2 and green tea delivers 100mg of vitamin C per dose and helps support the normal functioning of the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin C Oral Spray
BetterYou Vitamin C Oral Spray is a great-tasting daily oral spray delivers 120mg of fruit-source vitamin...


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