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Clean Air Day 2022

Air pollution has become a major health risk, causing up to 36,000 deaths each year in the UK.

'The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today.' actionforcleanair.org.uk

Clean Air Day (16th June) is the UK’s largest campaign on air pollution, aiming to raise awareness of the risks of air pollution and encourage action for clean air.

Now in its sixth year, this year’s campaign focuses on how air pollution dirties every organ in the body and how to take steps to improve your health.

Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health, as long-term exposure to air pollution can cause chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as lung cancer, leading to reduced life expectancy.

‘99% of people live in areas where air quality exceeds World Health Organisation guideline limits.’ World Health Organisation

How to reduce the impact of air pollution on health

Man-made climate change continues to be high on the political agenda and the implementation of ‘clean air’ zones is a move in the right direction, but the fact remains, current rates of air pollution can have a huge impact on the body - specifically on the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Some of the most harmful pollutants are called small particle pollution. This is because they measure less than 2.5 microns, less than the thickness of a strand of hair. They invisibly infiltrate the body, entering the bloodstream, penetrating, and damaging cells. Building the body’s resilience to these pollutants and preserving long-term health is crucial.

A clinical study, led by Columbia University, New York, and involving scientists from universities in America, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Singapore and China found that a combination of key nutrients could help in the body’s ability to control adverse effects caused by small particle invasion.

Based on this research, we created our Air Defence Oral Spray, a nutritional supplement to support the body’s ability to better defend against the damaging free radicals found in small particle air pollution.

“We know exposure to fine particle air pollution induces inflammation and oxidative stress and is a major public health concern worldwide. No one is now exempt, and the problem is around us all. The molecular mechanics of the health effects of air pollution are not fully understood, but the recent study by Columbia University demonstrates that this nutrient combination can help to diminish the impact of air pollution on the body and we are proud to be the first to deliver this in a patented oral spray.” – Andrew Thomas, BetterYou Founder and Chief Executive

Planting a tree with every bottle sold

Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air, that’s why BetterYou has partnered with Earthly – carbon-busting specialists – to support their trailblazing mangrove planting project run by Eden Reforestation in Madagascar.

Mangroves are important for the climate crisis as estimates suggest that they sequester carbon at a rate of two to four times greater than mature tropical forests. Ultimately, each mangrove tree removes around 308kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of its 25-year lifecycle.

What’s more, mangrove forests provide numerous other natural benefits, including coastal defences from floods and storm surges and vital habitats for many species. The project is also positive for people, providing employment and essential work hours for local communities.

To support the removal of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, we have pledged to plant a tree for every Air Defence Oral Spray sold, as well as every order placed through our website, to help sequester carbon from the atmosphere, to improve air quality and create a climate-positive world.
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