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BetterYou partner with GenM

At BetterYou, we are passionate about supporting health and wellbeing and are incredibly proud to have joined forces with GenM to help decode the menopause for the millions of women that are journeying through this period of their lives.


What is GenM?

GenM is an organisation dedicated to bringing together brands and organisations to help transform attitudes towards the menopause.

The GenM mission

‘To unite responsible brands, organisations and employers like us to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and help stop menopausal women from being overlooked at home, at work and across society. So women can embark without fear on this pivotal time in their lives feeling supported, educated and truly valued.’

Our Menopause Commitment

We have partnered with GenM to commit to de-stigmatise menopause conversations and provide valuable support through effective products, education and campaign activity.

“We’re incredibly proud to be working with GenM’s menopause movement, to make women feel empowered and supported throughout all stages of their menopause journey.”
Jen Julian, BetterYou Marketing Director


BetterYou was founded on the principles of helping people to take control of their health and wellness needs and providing effective alternatives to tablet and capsule supplements. We continue to build upon these principles and want to make a meaningful difference in the way women experience menopause.

BetterYou partner with GenM

Providing nutritional support during menopause

The menopause is a time of transition as the balance of hormones in the body start to change. An individual’s nutritional requirements will naturally alter too, and there are certain nutrients that will support optimal health during this important life stage.

Every woman has a different experience, but certain key vitamins and minerals play a very important role in keeping you fit and well during the menopause and beyond.

The following products can provide extra support to help satisfy the body’s natural demand for these key vitamins and minerals.

Look out for the GenM logo on our product pages or head to menopause support to find products suitable for use during the menopause.

Want to know more about the menopause? Head to our health hub now.

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