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BetterYou named 'Pioneering Brand of the Year'

We have been awarded ‘Pioneering Brand of the Year’ by health and wellbeing retailer Victoria Health.

The Victoria Health awards are now in their second year and aim to celebrate passion and excellence within the health, wellbeing and beauty sector.

“We are thrilled to be named as Victoria Health’s Pioneering Brand of the Year, particularly as Gill and Shabir have been so supportive of the brand from the early days!

“We pride ourselves on a pioneering approach to the future of nutritional supplementation and innovation, research and superior absorption remain the cornerstone of the brand’s values. It’s wonderful that Victoria Health have consistently recognised this.”

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director of BetterYou

A Successful Year for BetterYou

The accolade follows another successful year which has seen seven new products added to the range, including the award-winning Iron Oral Spray. At BetterYou we strive to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers globally, continuing to develop and expand our product range.

“BetterYou. Onwards they go, led by Andrew Thomas, BetterYou continue to go from strength to strength and they so deserve the recognition for the work that they do.

“Amongst the new pioneering launches this year was their Iron Daily Oral Spray and doesn’t everybody use their ground-breaking Vitamin D3000 Oral Spray during the cold winter months? I think so.

“Congratulations Andy! It has been a privilege to walk by your side since the very beginning. Making it happen.”

Gill Sinclair, co-founder of Victoria Health

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