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Could your beauty routine be making you vitamin D deficient?


When Kaye Fletcher-Brooke, aged 43, began suffering from painful joints and constant tiredness she had no idea that it had anything to do with her daily make-up routine.

Now, she is raising awareness of the possible effects of SPF in beauty products after being diagnosed with very low levels of vitamin D and how supplementing has helped improve her quality of life.

Kaye says:

“Like most women, I use moisturiser and make up products with added SPF to slow down the signs of aging. But little did I know it could cause vitamin D deficiency, and all the knock-on symptoms that come with it.

“I was feeling run down, had joint pain and general lethargy for quite some time. But like so many people, I put it down to a busy lifestyle and made everything I did so much harder.

“My husband then let me know about BetterYou’s vitamin D home test kit, so I asked for more information. I was so surprised when the results came back deficient, with levels of just 27.1nmol/L.”

“I was very surprised I was lacking in vitamin D as I spent a lot of time outdoors over the summer. So, I did more research.

“I found that sun creams can have a big impact on vitamin D absorption, then realised my moisture had a high factor SPF 30.

“After finding I was deficient I started using BetterYou’s Vitamin D3000 spray, then tested my levels again.

“I am delighted to say that I am no longer vitamin D deficient and have an optimal level of 86.1nmol/L, which is perfect. I no longer have joint pain and have much more energy. I won’t stop using SPF in my moisturiser but am happy to know that I’m getting the vitamin D I need through supplementation. Vitamin D3000 spray is so simple to use.”

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A spray of sunshine

Unlike other vitamins, the majority of our vitamin D is not provided by food, but is made when our skin is exposed to the sun.

Many moisturisers, foundations and other makeup products offer a built-in SPF which many use to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. But sun protection above factor 15, along with glass, cloud cover and clothes can all block essential vitamin D production.

Low levels of vitamin D can affect us in many different ways, from making us feel unusually tired and weak, to increasing our risk of certain types of diseases including cancer. Therefore, it’s important we do all we can to get enough of this vital nutrient.

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