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Nutrients to help you through the festive season

With the late nights, overindulgence and germs floating around throughout the festive period, it‘s easy to get burnt out before seeing in the New Year.

Just because its Christmas it doesn’t mean the regular demands of working and maintaining a household go away. If anything, other duties get heaped on top, leaving a noticeable impact not just on our physical health, but our mental health too.

We look at the most common health complaints over the festive period and the nutrients that could help you through Christmas and into the New Year.

Combat your Festive Health Complaints with Vitamin Supplements

Low energy

Although the Christmas break is supposed to be our chance to recharge, this time of year can sap our energy levels, test our endurance, and leave us feeling exhausted. It is suggested that one in three adults suffer from ‘festive burnout’, but you can easily safeguard your health with a simple B-complex supplement.

Taking B-vitamins in the weeks leading up to Christmas can give your energy levels the boost they need, as this vitamin enables the body to convert the food we eat, into energy to power your metabolism.

Poor immunity

It’s not just our energy levels that can take a hit either, the social season can leave us run down, lowering our immunity and allowing germs and viruses to take their toll. It’s important to party-proof your health and topping up your vitamin D levels helps support your immune system and reduce your risk of infection.

If you are feeling run down, then adding more vitamin C to your diet can give your immune system an extra boost. Vitamin C is important for both innate and adaptive immunity, making it vital for fighting and preventing infections.

Struggling to sleep

Money worries, the pressures of buying the perfect presents and navigating family feuds can all affect our wellbeing, as symptoms of stress frequently take hold and disrupt our sleep – and a good night’s sleep is vital for the body’s ability to repair and rebuild energy stores.

It’s also during sleep that our brains consolidate memories and process information, enabling us to function effectively throughout the daytime. Poor sleep can impact on mood, affect our everyday thought processes, and lessen the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Magnesium is a natural relaxant that instantly calms the senses, helping to achieve a deep and restful sleep. Adding more magnesium rich foods to your diet, or supplementing with this mineral before bedtime, could help you achieve a better night’s rest and deal with the stresses of the festive period better.

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