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Magnesium & Stress: Side Effects, & How to Increase Intake

Magnesium and stress both impact your health in pivotal ways. When it comes to managing your nutrient intake, you need to consider your stress levels. Unfortunately, the relationship between magnesium and stress can result in poor sleep and fatigue. Learn the ways magnesium can relieve stress, and how to increase your mineral intake.

Table of Contents:

The Relationship Between Magnesium & Stress

Magnesium and stress have an interesting relationship when it comes to your health. The benefits of magnesium include helping to relieve tension in your muscles, encouraging sleep, and leaving you feeling more relaxed. When you intake the optimal amount of magnesium for stress, you can see these benefits and feel more rested. Magnesium supplements are designed to help replenish your levels for optimal absorption and stress relief. From aiding sleep, to supporting muscle function.

Magnesium can contribute to boosting your natural energy levels. It does this by creating energy from food and making essential proteins. Without optimal levels of magnesium you can begin to feel tired and fatigued. This, in turn, may increase your stress levels. When you are stressed, your magnesium levels can begin to deplete. This is because stress can lead you to lose more of your mineral stores through your kidneys in urine. Not only does magnesium deficiency lead to symptoms of stress, but stress can then result in lower magnesium levels. The endless loop that occurs between magnesium and stress can be detrimental to your wellbeing, and restoring the balance is essential.

Magnesium for Muscle Stress

Magnesium and stress can affect your muscles in significant ways. The mineral is a natural muscle relaxant, which means it can aid with the stress your muscles may experience while you exercise. ​​Sports supplements are designed to tackle your needs for magnesium and stress from exercise at the same time.

The relaxant quality of the mineral means it can help to sooth the muscle after a strenuous workout. It also moves sugar into your muscles and removes lactic acid, helping to support your athletic performance. With Informed Sport supplements you can be sure you’re getting an ideal remedy for magnesium and stress.

Reduce Stress for Better Sleep with Magnesium

When you are unable to sleep, your stress levels are likely to increase. Whilst, at the same time, stress can mean you struggle to sleep. This cycle means you can miss out on the optimal sleep you need to feel rested and ready for the day.

Magnesium helps you sleep by regulating your melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone which alerts the receptors in your brain that it is time to wind down and go to sleep. With magnesium helping to control this hormone, you may drift off more easily. Magnesium may be known as a natural sleep aid to support your night time routine.

Helping you to sleep better means your stress levels may diminish. Sleep deprivation can lead to mood changes, difficulty concentrating, and increased risk of accidents. Being tired and worn out before the day has begun may mean you can’t focus on your daily tasks, and may make mistakes. These mistakes may cause feelings of stress. Whilst then feeling stressed and overthinking may make it hard to slip off to sleep peacefully.

Combating stress is essential to establishing a proper sleep schedule and encouraging you to feel more like yourself. Sleep supplements can help to support you in getting a proper night’s rest.

Magnesium Supplements For Stress

It is not always possible to remove stress from our daily lives, but transdermal magnesium can help you to relax. The mineral can help you release excess tension and get a good night’s sleep. Improper magnesium dosage can cause many of us to not get enough of this vital mineral.

Magnesium levels are difficult to rectify via traditional tablets, as our body benefits most from small regular amounts rather than a large single dose. Therefore, obtaining minerals via magnesium supplements in spray, oil, or bath flake form is ideal. BetterYou’s supplements use Zechstein magnesium, a pure form of magnesium chloride mined from the Zechstein Sea. Rectify your magnesium and stress levels through hassle-free application:

Magnesium Bath Flakes

Magnesium Bath Flakes are a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride, a natural form of the mineral. They are an effective way to enjoy applying magnesium in a bath, fully exposing and replenishing the body with this essential mineral. When placed in warm water, the flakes dissolve and absorb into the skin. This is ideal for soothing your stress levels in a relaxing soak before bed. Alternatively, the soles of the feet are fantastic areas for absorption, allowing the mineral to enter cells immediately. A foot soak with Magnesium Flakes will leave you with a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Magnesium Flakes
BetterYou Magnesium Flakes can be added to your bath to help soothe tired and aching muscles...


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Magnesium Creams

BetterYou magnesium creams and lotions are easy to use and can encourage optimal levels of vital minerals. An expertly blended combination of magnesium chloride and relaxing essential oils, all in a skin-kind body lotion. Use them before or after exercise to support bone and muscle health. Apply to your legs and feet before bed to aid sleep and quieten the mind. Wind down for the evening by applying the creams to moisturise and hydrate for healthy looking skin.

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Magnesium Sleep Lotion
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Magnesium Sprays

The mineral oil used in our Magnesium Sprays is a concentration of magnesium chloride. Designed to be taken on the move, they are an easy pill-free solution to supplementation. You can tackle your magnesium and stress levels at any time of day. Adding this to your evening wind-down regime will ensure your hectic day is soon forgotten as the spray soothes both the senses and body.

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Magnesium Sleep Body Spray
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How Much Magnesium For Stress Per Day

When you want to increase your mineral intake, to help encourage your magnesium and stress levels to balance, you need to adhere to nutrient reference value guidelines.

According to the NHS, the amount of magnesium you need is:

  • 300mg per day for men (aged 19–64)
  • 270mg per day for women (aged 19–64 years)

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, and so taking large doses orally can have a laxative effect. BetterYou’s transdermal application products don’t have the same effect because they are applied topically instead of passing through the digestive system.

Supplementing with BetterYou

At BetterYou, we specialise in pill-free supplementation. Support your healthy lifestyle with pregnancy supplements for that special time, and children’s vitamins for your little ones.

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