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Four essential supplements for joint health and flexibility

Our joints endure a lifetime of wear and tear, with daily exercise routines and restrictive diets taking a serious toll on our flexibility. But, a bad back or a stiff knee could be an indicator your body is suffering from a hidden nutritional deficiency.

4 Supplements to Support Joint Health

The effects can range from irritating to debilitating, but whatever the cause of the pain, these four ingredients have proven to be essential in protecting your joints:


Glucosamine is naturally found within the joints of the body but rarely found within our diets. We need it to help build and repair cartilage which helps to aid joint lubrication, strength and flexibility.

However, as we age our cartilage steadily breaks down. Ideally, glucosamine should be available to keep cartilage healthy, but if our glucosamine levels are too low our joints can deteriorate causing pain, limited movement and bone deformation.

Many people suffering from osteoporosis are recommended to supplement glucosamine to combat its painful side effects.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight joint inflammation. It serves as a co-factor in collagen synthesis, the main protein in joint tissue and bones to help prevent inflammatory and maintains healthy joints.

Vitamin D and K

Both vitamin D and vitamin K are key to supporting healthy bones and muscles. Without sufficient levels of these vitamins, the body can be impacted - including putting extra strain on joints, leading to pain and stiffness.




Magnesium is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body every day and has been proven that it is vital for joint health.

It is one of nature’s finest relaxants, it helps relieve muscle tension, stiffness and cramping which assists in reducing unnecessary stress on joints.

By encouraging the body to absorb calcium, it prevents calcification in muscles and soft tissue, helping the body maintain flexibility and movement.

Put the joy back into your joints

Formulated for direct joint and muscle application, our Magneisum Oil Joint Spray combines these four essential ingredients in a single, handy spray. Applied directly to the affected area, the menthol and eucalyptus get to work immediately to soothe aches, while magnesium and glucosamine support long-term joint care.

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