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What level of vitamin D is right for me?

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins we can supplement due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to eat your way out of deficiency. The vast majority of the vitamin D our bodies require is produced by our skins unprotected exposure to the sun.

Our increasingly internal existence and suncare regime has meant that the UK Department of Health has recommended that everyone living in the UK should take a vitamin D supplement from October to April.

Learn more about Public Health England’s latest vitamin D guidance >

What is an optimum level of vitamin D?

Current recommendations are that a blood test revealing a serum level of vitamin D (measured as 25(OH)D) below 50nmol/L would be considered insufficient for good health. A measurement below 25nmol/L is considered deficient.

This guidance is useful to ensure good bone health but we now realise that there are multiple diseases which can be better resisted with higher levels of vitamin D. A level of 100-150nmol/L is now considered an optimum level to ensure a robust and healthy immune system.

Vitamin D Immunity Disease Chart

How do I achieve an optimum level of vitamin D?

Because of the universal recommendation that we ALL must supplement a ‘one size fits all’ dosage recommendation has been chosen to attempt to protect everyone. In August 2015 Public Health England doubled its recommendation from 200iu daily to 400iu daily.

However requirements actually vary dramatically from person to person so here is a guide to what is the best level for you and your family:

For optimal vitamin D maintenance and a healthy body you should ensure you receive a daily intake of 25mcg (1000iu) for every 25kg of body weight.

If you know that you have insufficient levels then you may require a larger dosage for a short period of time to a level that you can then maintain. The following table provides you with a rough guide to elevating levels safely:

For blood levels of <25nmol/L:

  • 3 x daily dosage for month one
  • 2 x daily dosage for month two
  • Daily dosage to maintain level thereafter

For blood levels 25-50nmol/L:

  • 2 x daily dosage for month one
  • Daily dosage to maintain level thereafter
How do I find out my vitamin D levels?

BetterYou has been in partnership with Sandwell and West Birmingham City Hospital NHS Trust since 2013 distributing it simple and accurate home test kit so that you can assess your own vitamin D levels.

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Vitamin D Testing Service
Vitamin D Testing Service
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