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Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for blood clotting, it is a vital component in supporting a healthy heart, bones and immune system.

This vital vitamin activates proteins that help move calcium into the bones which is essential for bone strength, density and circulatory health through the regulation of calcium. It keeps calcium moving through the body and assists in the depositing of calcium into bone mass rather than into the arteries which can cause hardening.

The importance of supplementation

Historically, vitamin K has been ignored as a dietary supplement because it was believed adequate levels were present in the diet.

This is true for vitamin K1 but vitamin K2 can be difficult to source from our western diets and typically only provides 25% of the NRV of 75ug, especially if you don’t eat many animal products or fermented foods.

For example, you would need to eat 200g of cheese to get your daily requirement!

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Who Needs Vitamin K?

Taking vitamin K2 as a teenager can help safeguard against bone and cardiovascular issues in later life with the elderly also likely to benefit as they have elevated risks of both losing bone density and cardiovascular health risks. However, many of us have a need to elevate levels of K2 with 1 in 3 people estimated to have low levels.

Vitamin K2 is especially important for post-menopausal women because falling levels of the hormone oestrogen can lead to a loss of bone density which can lead to an increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Oral spray technology

BetterYou Vitamin K2 is an oral spray specially formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Maintains normal bones
Supports normal blood clotting
Natural peppermint flavour
No tablets, capsules or water
Tooth-kind formulation
Optimal 180μg dosage
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Optimal bone strength

Our modern diets are also commonly high in calcium which is crucial for rebuilding bone. Vitamin K2, along with vitamin D and magnesium ensures that this calcium is used effectively within the body.

Magnesium and vitamin D are needed to aid calcium absorption while vitamin K2 ensures the calcium is correctly deposited where it is required, into the bones and not the arteries.

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