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Vitamin D Testing Service
Vitamin D Testing Service
Vitamin D Testing Service

Vitamin D Testing Service

Find out your vitamin D levels


We work in collaboration with Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust to offer you a complete vitamin D testing service which is available from the comfort of your own home.

  • Easy at home vitamin D test kit
  • NHS laboratory
  • Personalised supplementation plan based on your results
  • Complimentary DLux Vitamin D Oral Spray (worth up to £9.95) at a strength relevant to your results
  • Free UK shipping

As part of the testing service, your test results will be sent via email directly to your and BetterYou. This enables us to follow up with a tailored supplementation plan for you and an explanation on what your test result actually means.

  • Directions

    We send the testing kit out for you to use at home. All you have to do is place four blood spots onto the collection card from a quick and painless nick of the finger. Full instructions are included in the pack you will receive.

    Using the prepaid envelope the collection card is then sent to City Assays, who analyse the sample for Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust. From the spots of dried blood on your sample card the laboratory at City Assays uses a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry method to measure the Vitamin D in your blood. They measure for Vitamin D2 and D3, reporting the total and D2 and D3 results.

    The results are supplied within 10 working days of the lab receiving your sample.

    The results are emailed directly to you and BetterYou. From this, we will provide you with a bespoke supplementation plan to help increase or maintain your levels. You will also receive a discount code for a complimentary DLux vitamin D oral spray relevant to your results, which you can redeem through our website.

  • Ingredients

    Contained within the pack is everything you need to take a blood spot sample from your finger tip. The pack includes full and clear instructions with a postage-paid returns envelope (UK only) to post your results to the lab.

  • FAQ
    Can the test be used outside of the UK?

    Yes the test available for customer outside of the UK. However, it is your responsibility to pay for the return postage of your blood spot results. This can increase the length of time before you receive your results.

    Does your vitamin D test show ‘active’ or ‘storage’ vitamin D?

    The blood spot kits measure 25-hydroxyvitamin D, which reflects body vitamin D stores. This is generally accepted to be the most useful indicator of vitamin D status.

    The active form is 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D but this is only measured in very few, rare clinical situations. It is also very unstable and difficult to measure so only a few labs in the country do actually measure it.

    Is the test kit suitable for children?

    Yes. The vitamin D test service suitable for all ages including young children and babies.

    The test kit requires a small pin prick to the side of the finger to be able to collect blood spots for testing. Everything you require is enclosed in the pack, including a plaster and a complimentary DLux oral spray based on individual results.


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