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Vitamin D for new life

Vitamin D supplementation is never as important as it is in the first stages of life. For Mum carrying her child to the first years of life. It ensures both strong bones and teeth as well as a healthy and robust immune system to help the baby build up a natural resistance to a number of auto-immune diseases including MS, diabetes and asthma.

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Award winning products

BetterYou’s multi-award winning new life formulations have been designed to effortlessly and effectively ensure optimum vitamin D levels from the start of your pregnancy to the first important years of life.

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Award winning products
Expert nutrition support

Expert nutrition support

The range of sprays have been formulated and designed to offer both ease of application for tiny mouths but also avoid unnecessary stress on the digestive system. This is true even for mums-to-be during bouts of morning sickness, absorption is still guaranteed.

“Vitamin D is especially important for mums-to-be and new mums. During pregnancy, or when breastfeeding, mothers need extra Vitamin D to maintain their own bone health, as well as providing nutrients to their baby.

Without Vitamin D there is a danger that babies will develop problems with their bones and muscles. Babies and young toddlers are particularly susceptible to low blood calcium levels if they do not have sufficient Vitamin D. It is easy and safe to give all children a daily dose of Vitamin D and this is now the standard recommendation in the UK and many other countries in Europe and North America.”

Dr Benjamin Jacobs, Consultant Paediatrician at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital


DLuxInfant daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable from six months old and provides 400IU of vitamin D (the recommended daily intake by the DoH) with each daily spray. It has a great natural strawberry flavour and can be used in conjunction with formulation milk.

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DLuxJunior daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable for children from five years of age and provides 400IU of vitamin D (the recommended daily intake by the DoH) with each daily spray. It has a great natural peppermint flavour which is great for kids and is a fast, convenient and effective way to top up your child’s vitamin D.

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