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The following products have Vegetarian Society approval after a stringent programme of checks proved all the ingredients used are vegetarian friendly and not tested on animals.

The Vegetarian Society Approval ensures consumers can be confident that the BetterYou™ range meets the gold standard of vegetarian suitability through the Vegetarian Society’s strict criteria.


A fast and effective way to boost vitamin B12 levels

Supporting normal bone health
Supports a restful night’s sleep for your little ones
A nourishing blend of magnesium, lavender and chamomile
Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
Optimal strength K2 to support normal bone and heart health
Superior Curcumin Absorption
Highly concentrated gel for sustained magnesium delivery

New and improved formulation

3000IU (75μg) daily vitamin D oral spray

Regular Price: £7.95

Special Price £6.35

1000IU (25μg) daily vitamin D oral spray

Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price £5.55

Vitamin D oral spray for babies and children under 3

Regular Price: £5.95

Special Price £4.75

Daily vitamin D oral spray for all children aged 3 and above

Regular Price: £6.25

Special Price £5.00

Intense moisturisation for your skin

For hydrated, glowing skin

Supports and relaxes muscles
Natural aid to restful sleep

Dermatologically tested to be kind to skin