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The power of magnesium

Many health issues that we take for granted such as low energy levels, poor sleep, irritability and regular headaches could all be down to one thing – a lack of magnesium.

This powerful mineral is a vital component in the body’s daily functions, more than any other mineral. So this January we’re focusing on Magnesium and the difference it has made to so many of our customers’ lives.

What other customers have been saying…

The difference the BetterYou MagnesiumOil has had on my quality of life is literally rhe difference between night and day.

– Jason R, Wales

A nutritionist recommended BetterYou’s MagnesiumOil Joint Spray and I have not looked back since.

– Tara N, Brighton

BetterYou’s MagnesiumOil Recovery Spray helps me to push my limits and stay there for as long as possible.

– Alex Rhodes, GB Athelete

If you suffer with poor sleep, regardless of having any health conditions, the BetterYou MagnesiumOil Goodnight Spray is brilliant.

– Nina B, Leeds

Since using BetterYou’s MagnesiumOil Senstive spray I have been able to reduce my need for migraine medication. This spray has changed my life!

– Deodre, Scotland

I’d urge anyone who suffers with Restless Leg Syndrome to try BetterYou’s MagnesiumFlakes… They have made a huge difference to my life.

– Rebecca M, Essex

BetterYou MagnesiumGel has left me pain free after over a year of muscle pain. It feels like a miracle cure for me – pain ever day and now none!

– Shirley P, London

In my clinical experience, magnesium oil is a wonderful agent for reducing inflammation, which often accompanies skin disorders.

– Dr Dendy Engleman, Expert Dermatologist

MagnesiumSkin Body Butter
MagnesiumSkin Body Butter
New formulation - Intense moisturisation for your skin
MagnesiumOil Goodnight Spray
MagnesiumOil Goodnight Spray
Natural aid to restful sleep
MagnesiumOil Joint Spray
MagnesiumOil Joint Spray
Enhanced with glucosamine and menthol to help stay supple and flexible
Magnesium Flakes
Magnesium Flakes
Pure relaxation and remineralisation
MagnesiumOil Original Spray
MagnesiumOil Original Spray
Supports and relaxes muscles
Highly concentrated gel for sustained magnesium delivery