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How much vitamin D is in my diet?

Vitamin D food calculator

How much vitamin D is in my diet?

Many foods contain vitamin D, but just how much you would need to eat of each food type might surprise you!

A typical diet is thought to provide only 10% of our daily required intake of vitamin D.

For example, to achieve just the recommended daily amount of 400IU you would need to eat: 8 eggs, 3kg of cheddar cheese or 2 cans of tuna. Everyday!

Want to know for sure?

Once you have an idea of the amount of vitamin D you are getting from your diet, there is only one way to completely and accurately understand your current vitamin D status and thats with a vitamin D blood test.

You'll get an accurate level of both your vitamin D3 and D2 levels which will allow you to adjust your diet and supplementation plan accordingly to ensure you maintain an optimal level.