A 37-year-old administrator from Nottinghamshire was left sleep deprived after suffering from restless leg symptoms (RLS) during the second trimester of her pregnancy. Here Nicola Taylor explains how using BetterYou Magnesium has improved her symptoms and quality of sleep.

Nicola’s story

“In the fourth month of my pregnancy my legs were very twitchy, restless and felt like I constantly needed to move them. I would go to bed and within ten minutes of being in bed they would started to get agitated.

“It started to have a big impact on my life. Not only was I tired from being pregnant and working, but the symptoms would keep me awake most of the night walking round the house to try and ease them.

“I would then have to carry on with day to day life with lack of sleep. My RLS meant I kept waking my husband up every time I got out of bed and he was obviously worried about how tired I was getting.

“I tried lots of things to try and ease my symptoms including bananas (as I’d read potassium helped), stretches, tonic water and a cooling leg gel; but nothing really seemed to help. After some research I decided to try BetterYou Magnesium Flakes and Goodnight Spray, because they use a high quality magnesium chloride compared to other brands.

“During my pregnancy I used the Magnesium Flakes in a bath a few times a week and I used the Magnesium Goodnight sprayed on my legs every night.

“Some nights I didn’t get any symptoms and on others it has eased them to a point when I could fall to sleep without being irritated too much. I really do think they help ease the symptoms.”

RLS and pregnancy

One in five pregnant women will experience symptoms of RLS (a neurological disorder characterised by an irresistible urge to move to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations in the legs), usually in the last three months of their pregnancy.

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, relieving muscle tension and creating a calming effect across the entire body. Pure magnesium chloride not only provides effective absorption but is an natural and safe way to relieve symptoms of RLS in mums-to-be.

Try our top 3 products to help relieve night time cramps for expectant mums

Magnesium Flakes
Magnesium Flakes
Pure relaxation and remineralisation
MagnesiumOil Original Spray
MagnesiumOil Original Spray
Supports and relaxes muscles
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