Magnesium Body Range scoops double commendation at prestigious awards ceremonies

Our luxurious Magnesium Body Range has been honoured at two of the natural healthcare industry’s most prestigious awards ceremonies.

Magnesium Body Butter and Magnesium Body Lotion came highly commended in both the best beauty category at the Your Healthy Living Awards 2015 and the Best Bodycare and Toiletries category at the Natural Healthcare in the Community Awards 2015.

The unique ingredient in both products is magnesium, an essential mineral which has so many proven health benefits for us all, yet sadly, it is believed that up to 75 per cent of us are deficient in it as a result of today’s western diet.

Both products contain a perfect balance of skin kind ingredients which blends Magnesium Oil with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E to create a unique skin experience that once you’ve tried you’ll never be without.

As this vital mineral is difficult to absorb orally our skincare range is perfect for helping to repair and replenish cells and Magnesium Oil has been scientifically proven to increase cellular levels faster than traditional tablets or capsules.

Expert dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dendy Engelman said:

“Thick creams that keep the skin well hydrated can be effective in increasing the skins ability to resist tension when it is stretched; this means the skin maintains its elasticity and its ability to snap back into place.

“Patients using Magnesium Oil have reported improvement in a variety of skin disorders and some even report aesthetic benefits, such as improvement in skin quality and texture.”

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou, said:

“We’re thrilled that our Magnesium Body butter and lotion have been chosen for a Highly Commended award in the Your Healthy Living Awards 2015 and also the Natural Healthcare in the Community Awards.

“We use a combination of skin-kind ingredients plus the purest source known magnesium chloride in our body range, so we can guarantee healthy and radiant looking skin.

“The formulation also helps to gently increase your body’s magnesium levels. Magnesium is very important for both mother and baby and we are actually born with twice as much magnesium within us as calcium.”

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