Iron Oral Spray receives third ‘Best New Product’ award

BetterYou’s Iron Oral Spray has just won it’s third ‘Best New Product’ award since launching in June.

Iron is an essential nutrient, contributing to normal function of the immune system, cognitive function and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Even though iron is so important to health, iron deficiency is the world’s top nutritional deficiency according to the World Health Organisation. However, iron supplements are notorious for poor absorption, causing digestive discomfort and leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

The Iron oral spray overcomes these issues by delivering the nutrient directly into the bloodstream and has a great, natural baked apple flavour. With the ease of application, it’s easy to see why this oral spray has won so many accolades.

To find out more about how the Iron Oral Spray works, watch the video below.

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