Elite sport seal of approval for BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sprays

Two BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sprays have been certified for inclusion in the kit bags of the world’s elite sporting stars and coaches.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray and BetterYou Magnesium Oil Recovery Body Spray have now been certified on the Informed-Sport programme, which provides assurance that products have been tested for substances prohibited in sport.

The exciting development means the sprays, already used by many sports clubs including the Bradford Bulls and England RFU, could quickly become a big part of the competition regimes of countless more professional athletes.

Magnesium is vital for optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength, energy production and assists in sustaining the high oxygen consumption necessary for athletic performance. Without magnesium, it is impossible for the body to produce adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), the universal currency of energy within the body.

Magnesium has been shown to help athletes rest and recover better, elevate testosterone, build muscle, and increase strength.

A lack of improved strength from one workout to the next also suggests poor recovery, which may be an indication of a lack of magnesium in the body.

Available in over 30 countries worldwide, BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray contains 100% natural ingredients delivering the most naturally pure source of Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride. Ten sprays deliver a minimum of 150mg of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium.

Alex Rhodes

GB Triathlete
BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray offers me the best absorption of this important mineral and helps support my recovery and performance. I use the spray before I go to bed, as the most important part of the recovery cycle is quality of sleep. A huge part of my recent silver medal success at the European Cross Duathlon Championships is certainly down to using BetterYou MagnesiumOil Original Spray.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray combines essential magnesium with camphor, black pepper and lemon oils to aid training and speed recovery.

Kim Murray

GB Skeleton Athelete
BetterYou Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray allows me to recover without the need to run a bath; it is super convenient and I’ve noticed that my muscles were less sore the next day.

Elite athletes have long been passionate advocates of the power of our magnesium products, so this accreditation is vital in terms of giving them the quality stamp of approval.

Athletic endurance and strength performance increases significantly when a large amount of magnesium is given to the body. Magnesium is not only lost in the accelerated metabolism of athletic effort but also one of a number of minerals excreted when we sweat.

Even a small shortfall in magnesium intake can seriously impair athletic performance. This pairing of BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sprays, which are absorbed through the skin, are an effective way of getting large quantities of magnesium into the body, without experiencing the laxative effect which is often experienced with high dosage oral supplementation.

Terence O’Rorke, LGC Director of Business Development said: “The Informed-Sport programme was developed in collaboration with UK Anti-Doping to provide the most robust level of quality assurance so that athletes could be protected from the risks associated with contamination.

There are more than 420 products registered on the Informed-Sport programme and we are delighted BetterYou as made the considerable commitment to having every batch of their products tested.

Informed-Sport is the only globally-recognised testing programme for the sports nutrition industry and the BetterYou customers now know that every batch of the registered products has been tested at LGC’s renowned anti-doping laboratory in the UK.”

The Informed-Sport programme provides assurance that products have been tested for substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances. Products undergo rigorous testing at an ISO 17025 accredited lab to provide the highest level of assurance that they are safe for athletes to use.

The laboratory based near Cambridge is part of international science group LGC, which has been a leading organisation in anti-doping for more than 50 years.

We also lead the way within the health supplement industry in its commitment to test every product for effective absorption making our range of transdermal magnesium among the most tested in the UK market.

A clinical trial by Cardiff University showed how well magnesium is absorbed through the skin, feeding every cell. Watkins & Josling tested whether transdermal application of magnesium chloride could alter serum magnesium levels and whole body calcium/magnesium ratios. After 12 weeks’ subjects saw a rise in cellular magnesium levels which represented an estimated five times quicker result than comparable oral supplementation.

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