Case study: 14 years of sleep deprivation to a sound night’s sleep

Poor sleep has been common place for 49-year-old Dominique Pollard from Reading since her children arrived 14 years ago. A busy lifestyle teamed with sleep deprivation has often resulted in a daily cycle of poor concentration and haziness.

“I’d often make silly mistakes like forgetting food in the oven or leaving food out of the fridge. I’ve tried meditation and bought lavender products to help with sleep, which did offer a comforting smell, but didn’t promote a deep sleep.

Each night I would apply the lotion straight after having a shower and about half an hour before bed. I applied the lotion to my neck, arms, chest and legs, and was pleased that it was non-greasy and absorbed into the skin quickly The lavender fragrance became a familiar comforting smell and as the month went on, my sleep improved. The product became part of a much-needed routine of relaxation that I looked forward to, as I knew I would have a sound night’s sleep.”

The Sleep Lotion was tested on 78-healthy people who identified as ‘struggling to sleep’ and were profiled using the NHS Sleep Assessment Questionnaire. The results showed that:

  • 92% found benefit from using the sleep lotion
  • 70% felt their quality of sleep was better
  • Over half of users felt their sleep had been less interrupted, they felt less tired and more refreshed when they woke up in the morning.
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