Beating the back to school bugs. Stay on top with vitamin D.

Customers often ask us how they can keep their little ones fighting fit when they go back to school. No one wants to see their child suffering with the sniffles or having to be dosed up on Calpol.

We have a simple preventative solution – vitamin D.

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is vital for immune health. Danish scientists discovered that it is crucial in activating the body’s immune defences and without sufficient intake, the killer cells of the immune system – the T cells – will not be able to react and fight off infections in the body.

Another study by Japanese doctors found that the risk of children suffering from influenza could be halved if they take vitamin D. It found that only one in ten children, aged six to 15 years, who took vitamin D came down with flu, compared with one in five given a placebo. Mitsuyoshi Urashimi, the doctor who led the trial, claims that vitamin D was more effective than vaccines in protecting against flu viruses.

There is a common misconception surrounding viruses in the summer months –people often think they are eradicated by sunlight and should be excepted as we go into the winter months.

But common viruses such as colds, flu and stomach bugs are prevalent all year long. In the summer though, vitamin D levels are often higher, giving us a stronger immunity against common bugs.

The results we see through our Vitamin D testing service show that people have low levels going into winter, which doesn’t put us in good stead for the cold season. Vitamin D stores also only last a short space of time, so everybody – both children and adults- are at risk of a low immune system.

An easy way to counteract this lack of sunshine is supplementation. As a maintenance dosage we recommend that 1000IU of vitamin D is supplemented daily, per 25kg of body weight. We have a couple of sprays tailored perfectly for children. DLuxInfant is suitable from 0 to 5 years and then DLuxJunior takes them from 5 years onwards. As a handy oral spray, it is easy to give it to them any time anywhere – no water, no tablets, no fuss. Some mum’s have even been spotted spritzing it into their child’s mouth at the school gates!

Vitamin D really is an important area for child supplementation and it is not just us saying this. Dame Sally Davies the Chief Medical Officer for England, has continuously announced her concerns to health professionals regarding a rise in vitamin D related conditions, asking them to consider vitamin D supplementation for at risk groups, including those under the age of five.

So take the easy option and top up their sunshine with a quick spray to keep the bugs at bay.

DLux 1000 Vitamin D Oral Spray
DLux 1000 Vitamin D Oral Spray

Contains 1000IU (25μg) of vitamin D3

DLux Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray
DLux Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray

Contains 400IU (10μg) of vitamin D3

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