5 top tips to keep your feet healthy this summer

Over a third of people have felt too embarrassed by the appearance of their feet to reveal them during summer, according to research by Lloyds Pharmacy.

So, this holiday season, it’s time to put your best foot forward with these 5 quick tips:

Exfoliate regularly

Use a pumice stone or foot file every couple of days to prevent hard skin building up, as this will make your feet suppler and less likely to crack. Alternatively go for a long walk on the beach for a free pedicure!

Moisturise your feet

Massage a rich moisturiser or body butter into feet before bed and wear a pair of cotton socks to maximise the effects – and protect your bed sheets!

Don’t go bare foot

When walking around communal areas such as the gym or swimming pool, wear flip flops to prevent picking up fungal infections and verruca’s.

Cool down with a foot bath

After a busy day on your feet, take some time out to have a foot bath with magnesium flakes. Magnesium is a natural mineral with relaxing properties and is also good for maintaining skin health. Also as your feet are one of the most absorbent parts of the body, you’ll be boosting your body’s cellular magnesium levels too!

Wear comfy shoes

Wearing the wrong foot wear can not only leave you feeling crippled for days, but can cause nasty blisters, corns and callouses. Go for breathable shoes that allow your feet to expand in the heat.

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